Cannabis Marketing – How To Do It?


The truth is that marketing cannabis on social media is a challenging affair.  That is because a majority of social media platforms have guidelines about this. As such, the cannabis industry requires a lot of creativity to create an excellent social media presence.

Remember, this industry faces many restrictions, especially when it comes to social media. On the other hand, this industry also faces a lot of criticism from many people.  Therefore, it becomes a challenge to market products on many platforms for business professionals. However, below are five tips that will help you improve your presence.

1) Creating Educational And Engaging Content

The truth is that there are many contents online that spread false information about cannabis products. This creates a pool of people who simply have false beliefs and information about the subject. Let’s not forget those who are simply uneducated on the subject. Well, these are the reasons why it is paramount to educate the public about your product. Cannabis has a lot of uses and facts that people may not know.

2) The Benefits Of CBD (Both For Mind And Body)

Creating educational content does not only spread knowledge about the product but helps improve product awareness. Remember, many people today are searching for facts about this product every day; and in one of those searches, your content will appear.

Remember, A/B testing should be done for this kind of content as well – even on social media. For example, Facebook is a great place to post educational content and blogs regarding cannabis. Instagram is a great place to post educational images. Either way, social media platforms are the best place, to begin with, educational content. However, it is wise to understand the guidelines of each platform very well.

3) Taking Post Responsibility And Understand Guidelines

Social media platforms have their Do’s and Don’ts about the kind of contents that may be posted on the platform. This is why it is paramount to have the necessary knowledge and understanding of what your business can post and what it cannot post. Otherwise, you may end up making your business profile being shut down.

4) Cannabis Instagram Shut Down Profile

When a business profile is constantly being shutdown will lose the appeal of your brand.  This is where creativity should become your friend (both in terms of language and images used). For example, any image posted should not show instructions on ways to use or sell. It will pay to always stay up-to-date with social media platform guidelines.

Instagram and Facebook guidelines are similar from the date when Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012.

Their policy says that – their policy forbids all cannabis sellers (including clinics or dispensaries) from promoting their brands or products through providing contact information such as a street address, phone number, or simply using ‘Contact Us’ tabs in their posts and business accounts. They do, however, allow cannabis promotional content as long as they do not promote the sale of drugs. Clinics and dispensaries may promote federal legalization and use of marijuana as long as they do not promote its sale or contact information.

The best thing is that the user’s guideline does not mention anything about websites. As such, by taking advantage of this, you can surely promote your business and brand.

What does this mean~? Well, it simply means that you can use social media to drive traffic to your website. Remember, the Facebook policy only mentions contact information such as phone number, physical address, but not a web address. Therefore, all you have to do is make sure the contact information is clearly visible when a potential customer clicks on the social media content link.

5) Take Advantage Of Other Advertising Methods

Because there are many restrictions about marketing this business of social media, it would be wise to take advantage of other advertising methods. This is a technique that applies to all businesses, even if social media such as Facebook and Instagram are not restricting their marketing campaigns.

There are many methods, such as educational events and speaker panels. These methods are effective in spreading product knowledge. Radio shows and podcasts could be great options to promote your products. Additionally make sure you get the best cannabis graphic design out there to ensure your site and these other mediums look up to scratch.

6) Be An Expert

Be an expert? What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you should be a leading authority on the cannabis community. This is a technique that does not only create brand awareness but help it to grow. Doing this will make you a go-to person when it comes to anything related to cannabis. All you have to do is get in touch with local and statewide media, and local legislators as well.

Remember, when your name and the name of your dispensary keeps on appearing as experts, that will increase traffic to your product. This means that people will believe and trust the information you provide about your products as opposed to that of your competitors.

7) Learn From Your Mistakes

Nobody or business is immune to mistakes, and this is a fact.  The way a brand will react or respond after a mistake will either make it or break it. What does this mean?  It simply means that you can either destroy your brand name or make it better. As such, never play the ‘blame game.’ Own up to your mistakes and make corrections, where possible.

It is wise also to let your followers or product users know when you have made a mistake. Then try as much as possible to make an amend. Always seek professional consultation from those who have undergone a similar situation. Remember, they should be outside your profession or industry. Always learn from past mistakes and successes also.


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