CBD Pillow Review


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has taken the world by storm. Now that CBD can be taken legally and safely without the psychoactive effects of THC, you can get pretty much anything with CBD. From lotions, candles, balms and tinctures there are countless ways to take CBD.

Hemp-based CBD does wonders for sleep, as it helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. So there are new products coming out specifically to help aid sleep, like the CBD Pillow. This pillow takes CBD to the next level by infusing their cover with pharmaceutical grade CBD so you get your best sleep yet. Keep reading for our full review.


The cannabidiol infused Pillow is an adjustable pillow that is filled with shredded gel memory foam. Each pillow is made right here in the USA, and is certified by CertiPUR-US and Greenguard for safety.

The case of this pillow can be unzipped and the internal filling can be removed in order to lower the loft of the pillow and make it softer. Which means you can adjust your pillow to be the perfect firmness level and height for you.

The external pillow case for the CBD Pillow is made out of a cool bamboo-derived rayon. It is soft, removable and washable, while means you can even use it as your pillow case. This top cover is the material which is infused with CBD micro-capsules.

The internal memory foam fill is contained inside of a secondary breathable internal pouch which will hold onto foam whenever washing the external cover.

CBD Pillow Benefits:

The cannabidiol used to infuse the cover of the Pillow is pharmaceutical grade and lab certified. Unlike CBD tinctures or edibles which release the CBD dose all at once, the CBD Pillow releases very small doses of CBD as you move or change positions while using your pillow. This means you get a very small amount of cannabidiol continuously throughout the night in order to not only fall asleep but stay asleep as well.

If you are not already familiar with how CBD can work as a sleep aid, then we are here to help. A common misconception is that CBD Oil will get you high and that is what in turn makes you fall asleep. This is not true. CBD Oil derived from Hemp, like the kind used in the cannabidiol pillow has less than .3% THC, which is the compound in marijuana that has psychoactive effects. In other words, this pillow will not make you high.

CBD Oil helps you sleep by lowering anxiety, stress, aches and pains. All of which can otherwise make it very difficult to get a good nights rest.

Comfort & Support:

This CBD Pillow is more than just a fancy cover. With this pillow you are also getting a high quality adjustable memory foam pillow. The internal material used to create the cannabidiol pillow is a gel infused shredded memory foam.

The gel infusion helps to keep this pillow cool throughout the night as memory foam does have a tendency of holding onto heat. The fill is shredded to allow for plenty of airflow and mold-ability so you can fluff and adjust your pillow anyway you like.

The cover of the CBD Pillow also have a zipper, this allows you to take out fill in order to create a lower profile or softer feel to your pillow. This way the pillow works well for those who sleep on their side, back, or stomach.

Whether you like your pillow tall and firm or short and soft, you can adjust this one to suite your personal preferences.

Care Instructions:

Since the internal pouch of this pillow can be removed, the external cover is washable! When means you can take the cover of your pillow put it in the washing machine.

The care instructions from CBD Pillow brand are to machine wash the cover in cold water, on a delicate cycle. They also recommend not to use fabric softener or bleach and to allow the cover to air dry. Following these care instructions will keep your pillow case infused with CBD Oil for around 6 months.

Want your pillow to maintain a CBD infusion for longer than 6 months? No problem! CBD Pillow offers a CBD recharge for an additional cost. With this you get a new fully infused external cover for your pillow.

CBD Cover:

Want the benefits of CBD, but already love the pillow you have? If your pillow is a queen size (20″ x 30″ x 5″) then you can purchase a CBD Pillow Cover and put your own pillow inside! While this cover is made to fit around their own internal pillow, this is a good option for those who want to try a pillow, but already love the comfort of the pillow they have at home.

You can also purchase a new CBD Cover as a way to refresh your CBD Pillow. While your pillow should maintain optimal cannabidiol infusion for at least 6 months (as long as you follow proper care instructions) you may find that eventually you would like to start refresh your pillow’s CBD infusion. You can do this by replacing your CBD Cover with a new one.


The CBD Pillow comes in a queen size and will cost you around $129. This price point is right in line with other high-end and luxury pillows being sold today. However it is the CBD infusion that really sets this one-of-a-kind pillow apart.

Since cannabidiol is such a trendy product at the moment we find that this price point is rather reasonable especially for the quality of the pillow you’re getting. If you want to use the pillow you already have you can save some money and purchase their $69 pillow case and still get all of the CBD benefits that you would get from the pillow. Ready to start shopping? Click the link below to get the latest deals.

CBD Pillow Review – Final Thoughts:

There is a lot of data out there showing the benefits that cannabis oil can have on your sleep. Which is why we find the CBD Pillow so intriguing. It is a very gentle way to benefit from CBD. The pillow releases a very small amount of cannabidiol every time you move on your pillow. So instead of taking a full dose, you are getting small doses of CBD throughout the night. Not only is the a very gentle way to use CBD but it also works throughout the night to help you stay asleep.

The pillow itself is also a great design in that it is mold-able and adjustable, making it universally comfortable as the pillow can be changed to suite your personal preferences.Overall, this is a comfortable pillow with the added benefits of CBD that we think you’re really going to like.


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