Counseling for Young Business Owners


Young business owners who choose to work in fast-paced, high-stress jobs may find themselves overworked and overextended. After all, it is challenging to lead the charge and run a small business at any point in life, but especially when you’re young or starting on your own.

Becoming a business owner at a young age can prove to be a trying endeavor. Dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to running a business can leave you without time for yourself.

Without time to focus on their own issues, young business owners often struggle with their mental health.

Of course, we should all be thankful for the countless contributions made by each and every small business, and small business owners deserve a large part of the credit. While it is certainly admirable to dedicate yourself to your work, it is also of utmost importance to take care of yourself as a person.

What does self-care look like?

If you experience issues with your mental state, it may be helpful to try reading “self-help” articles written by therapists and other mental health professionals.

For business owners, this is much like reading business articles and then applying the findings to the way you run your own business.

After reading the mental health articles, reflect upon their worth and analyze how you may incorporate the advice into your own life. As business people, you learn how to think introspectively and proactively, and you can apply this thinking style to an analysis of your mental health as well.

Sometimes, reading articles on how to improve mental health can only lead to so much improvement. In this case, the next step may be to address your mental health concerns with someone close to you.

It is beneficial to discuss feelings and concerns with some you trust. It may even be worthwhile to read self-help articles and tips with your trusted companion so that you can each brainstorm ways in which you can use healthy coping mechanisms in your life.

Seeking Out a Counselor

If your mental state does not improve after reading articles and speaking with friends, it is likely time to pursue the advice of a counselor.

Counseling and/or therapy can help when mental health concerns loom with no apparent end to the problems in sight. Thanks to the technological advances of modern times, prospective mental health patients now have the choice between engaging in in-person therapy or virtual therapy.

Finding online therapy options has become simple. Luckily, it does not take much time or effort to find qualified therapists online who are ready to work with you!

Unfortunately, as many of us understand, there is a certain stigma around receiving treatment for mental health disorders. And, especially for younger business owners with sharp minds and a strong regard for their mental strength, it may feel demoralizing to need to speak with someone to regain control.

However, it is essential to remember that going through troubles with mental health is a common occurrence and should never be considered a sign of mental weakness. Just because a person is intelligent does not mean that they can control all cognitive processes and emotions.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Virtual therapy is an excellent resource for those experiencing mental illnesses of mild to moderate severity. It provides a wide range of patients a convenient, easy way to work through issues with a licensed therapist.

For busy business owners, it may be difficult to find the time to talk with scheduling staff at a therapist’s office, drive to the therapist’s office, spend an hour in therapy, and then drive home.

But, thanks to virtual therapy, meeting with a counselor no longer needs to take many hours.

Scheduling therapy sessions online is a simple option that provides great flexibility in scheduling times. And, since all sessions are online, the patient does not need to leave their home (or office) to engage in therapy sessions.

Costs of Online Therapy

Another benefit of virtual therapy is that the cost of online sessions is noticeably lower than in-office visits.

While it is true that most health insurance companies will pay for in-person therapy but will not pay for virtual therapy, this is only an issue if you have insurance and have met the deductible for the year.

So, if you are a prospective patient without insurance or a prospective patient who has not met their deductible, online therapy is a great option.

In-person therapy typically costs between $65 and $200+ per session, depending upon the therapist and the type of therapy needed. This is a pretty hefty price to pay if you do not have insurance.

Luckily, there are different types of online mental health services available to patients representing a range of price points. If you would like to communicate with a therapist via text or email, you can message therapists on an unlimited basis for about $40 per week.

This is cost-conscious but may leave you needing more guidance. If you think that speaking with a therapist over a video call would be more appropriate, then you will likely need to pay a higher price.

Sessions with online therapists are less expensive than in-office sessions and typically run between $75 and $120 per session. These sessions are a moderately priced therapy option that provides face-to-face treatment at a lower cost.

Takeaway: Online is Most Convenient

Online counseling and therapy options are perhaps the most accessible and flexible, making them excellent choices for young and busy workers. You also have the freedom to choose when and where you meet with your therapist, so you can ensure you’re in a safe environment you feel comfortable in.

Remember, though, to choose the treatment option that is most fitting for your mental health concerns. Severe symptoms should be addressed promptly, especially if you are concerned about safety.

The life of a business owner is undoubtedly tricky, but there are indeed steps you can take to make sure that a poor mental state or symptoms of mental illness do not add to your stress.

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