Disney Movie Club Review: 3 Disney DVDs for $1


Love Disney movies? Me too. The Disney Movie Club has been around for years but I was recently reminded about it as we have a child who is at the prime Disney age. Honestly if it weren’t for her we might not keep up as well as we do! I’m sad to think I may not have seen Moana or Zootopia if it weren’t for her!

When I was a kid I spent so many hours watching Disney movies. My aunt and uncle who lived nearby had a huge collection and we lived close so we spent a lot of time there. In Oregon it rained most of the winter so that’s what we did. It was also a Sunday night tradition in my family to make a treat and watch Disney.

The Disney Movie Club was only mail order only but like most things now you can join online, check the selection and otherwise learn about it before you decide. My only wish is that the club included streaming movies – hopefully that’s next!

What is the Disney Movie Club?

Disney Movie Club is a membership program that helps you buy Disney movies on DVDs & Blue-ray at a discount. They also have special offers, products and exclusive movies that you can only get through the club. It essentially works like this: you get 4 movies for $1 each with free shipping, then have 2 years to buy 5 more movies at regular price. Every 4 weeks you’ll be sent a featured Disney movie, which you can have sent or choose to skip.

How Disney Movie Club Works

Your movies come within 2-4 weeks. When you sign up you choose if you want your movies on either DVD or Blu Ray (depending on what you chose when you signed up). The regular price of $19.95 per DVD or $29.95 per Blu-ray. New releases aren’t available as part of the sign up deal. You can order them a few months after release. The nice thing is the new releases will count towards your commitment. If you’re like our family we’re buying them about that time anyway (after we see them in theaters). In addition to movies, The Disney Movie Club does have some exclusives and TV shows.

Once or twice a month you need to respond to the featured movie. That title will be on sale, like a buy one, and get the rest of your order for 50% off. The 4 for $1 is a great offer. You can opt to get two more (one for $9.99 and one for $14.99) making it about $30 for 6 new movies. Not bad. Once you fulfill your commitment,Once you have fulfilled your membership agreement, after 30 days you will automatically be enrolled in the VIP program. “As a VIP member, you will be eligible to receive special offers and discounts reserved only for our best customers. Members who continue VIP membership still need to respond to Featured Title offers to either decline or accept the titles.”

Who Should Join Disney Movie Club?

I’m going to be honest, you can get a better deal if you watch sales and are willing to wait. If you’re the type of person who likes the hunt, then it might not be worth it to you. However if you want to build your collection and want a solid good deal then the Disney Movie Club is a good way to do that. You can get animated classics, box sets of Disney Afternoon, or even live action classics and Marvel movies. To get the best deal, use the Disney Movie Club to collect newer Blu-ray releases – the ones that typically cost $20+ on Amazon. If you order through the club you can get movies to average out around $9.96 per disc or less.

 What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

You must use a credit card if ordering online or by phone. Cards accepted include: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

Disney Reward Codes

All Disney movies have rewards codes and you can collect points from the movies you buy from The Disney Movie Club. Not all of the older movies have them but most do. Then you can use the codes for things like movie theater gift cards, special edition boxed sets, jewelry, toys/games, collectables, and discounts. There is even a reward that entitles you to a private VIP tour of The Walt Disney Studios. Get points and offers from entering Magic Codes from eligible titles, using their credit card or buying Disney merchandise like music.

The Numbers

How much do you pay for The Disney Movie Club compared to buying the movies individually? You’re going to pay $29.95 (plus shipping and tax) for a Blu-ray on the full price movies. The amount for the club will be $149.75 for 9 movies. The Amazon price for a Blu-Ray of a newer movie (like Moana) is $22.99 and titles vary in price and availability.

The catch is you have 10 days to decline the featured title and if you don’t it gets sent to you. So put this in your calendar and make sure you keep up. Even VIP members have to decline or be charged.

Insider Tips

The best deal is to order in big batches. You can order many movies at once. The first one will be full price, but the others will be at a discount. Every order has 1 title at regular price (which counts toward your club commitment) and additional movies are 50% to 60% off depending on the promotion of the month (discounted titles do not count towards your commitment).

Sometimes they have a promotion for free shipping.

Join as a dvd club member and any movie that is $20 will count toward your obligation. If you join as Blue-ray club the movie must be $30 to count. So join as DVD member then upgrade to Blue-Ray and get a movie for $5.

Ask. When you call in, remember to ask the person on the phone for things (they cannot offer but if you ask…). Like they’ll send a postage paid return mailer for returns. They can remove your credit card off the account after your first order so you get a bill with your order instead of auto-billed. You can get your credit back immediately instead of waiting. Things like that.

What Movies Are Available?

The Disney Movie Club actually has a very strong selection of Disney and Pixar movies on DVD and Blu Ray. If you are the type to purchase the newest Disney release as it comes out, the club may be very beneficial to you. Of course you also get Marvel titles. This spreadsheet has a full list of Disney movie titles. Please note that if you have teens or kids who love anime (like I do), there are titles like Spirited Away and other movies from Studio Ghibli available through Disney Movie Club.


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