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“The only reason you hate me is that you fear me. Your
fear stems from not knowing me and accepting me and my ways for
what they are. You think I’m trying to take something from you.
Nothing could be further from the truth. All I’m attempting to do
is live the life promised me, which was paid for by the sweat and
toil of my ancestors. My voice is that of a cry of a people whose
time has arrived.”
-Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator
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“Do You Love To Hate Me Out Of Fear”

The two of them were standing there – they weren’t bothering
anyone. Then, a cruising vehicle came to a halt. The occupants
began assailing the two individuals with racial slurs and hurled
four-letter words at them. While doing so, the occupants of the
vehicle were also shouting, “go back where you belong,” which
was ironic because the two people were living in the same
neighborhood as the vehicle’s occupants.

Everyone knows the passengers in the car didn’t mean ‘go
home’ when they shouted at the other people. They were implying,
leave this country. Their sentiments said, leave our country. And
that shows how ignorant some people can be. When you speak of the
U.S., it’s the native Indians, if anyone, should tell others to
go back where they came from – and they don’t.

So, what causes some people to hate others? In most cases, they
do so out of fear, which stems from a lack of understanding about
the culture or motives of other individuals. In the minds of
others, such hatred originates from the way another group has
treated a group of people. Such as what occurred during the days of
slavery. Even though it happened in the U.S. many decades ago, the
remnants of it still linger in today’s culture. And those
remnants appear to be growing stronger, versus being eradicated
with time.


Imagine being ripped from the land you love, an environment, a
place you’ve called home. Your life may not have been everything
you wanted, but you were free – and your life was yours to shape
and mold as you wished. Then, your life takes an unimaginable turn.
It’s a change that was unanticipated, unsought, and unwanted.
It’s one that’s unappreciated. Within an instant, your life has
changed forever. And that change is one that your lineage will
suffer from for generations to come.

Okay, so that didn’t happen to you, your father, or even his
father. It occurred so many generations and decades ago that your
thought is, why can’t ‘they’ just let it go. To which the
reply from ‘them’ might be, you don’t understand me and
what’s happened to those like me. And that’s why I can’t let
it go. We cannot forget, less you further entrap those like me. Do
you wonder why some people of some races despise people of other
races? If you do, wonder no more. The hate comes from the scabs of
racism. And those scars are still healing while some attempt to
pour salt into them.

Off The Plantation

Oh, happy day! That’s what many people thought in the U.S. in
2008. The country had elected its first president of color. The
change that so many had hoped for had finally arrived – or so
they thought. There were whispers of, “we’re off the plantation

Instead of the new light of hope shining brighter, calls arose
demanding that the shackles used to ‘keep them in line’ be
reapplied and strengthened. ‘Overcome this,’ was the silent
riposte that sought to reinsert itself. It shown in new laws and
opened attitudes that had, up to that point, lurked in the shadows
of the dark. Then bam – it came into the light for all to see. It
bellowed in statements such as, ‘Jews will not replace us.’ For
others, it was, ‘go back where you came from.’ While some
thought that they’d finally escaped the proverbial plantation,
others were sending their surrogates after them in an attempt to
reenslave those that sought freedom to live the life that the
constitution had guaranteed them.  


I’m not your ‘boy,’ respect me – me too! I’m taking a
knee to protest injustice.

When the existing powers try to hollow the mind and
opportunities of any race continuously, eventually, turmoil will
occur. It will start in the form of protest, which may last for
decades. And those protests will become even stronger over time.
They run the risk of upsetting what some see as the natural order
of things. We’ve seen it occur in South Africa and other places
around the world. And it can happen in America.

When people become sick and tired of being sick and tired,
they’ll seek to eradicate the pain, and ill-will thrust upon
them. There mantra has been, and they will be encouraged in
shouting, we shall overcome. The question you might consider is
when they do, who will you side with – where will you stand?


Do you hear me now? The voices of the oppressed are growing
louder. To lend a tone of deafness is to ignore the inevitable.
Change always occurs. And thus, you can embrace it or not. If you
choose the latter, change will still manifest itself, and you’ll
be changed anyway. So, come to grips with the forces that are
assembling. Do so by seeking ways to add your voice to those
forces. By aligning yourself with it, you’ll have a role in the
shaping of what it becomes. That means you’ll have an outlet for
your voice to be heard. Without your voice, you’ll become muted
by the masses. And for them, everything will still be right with
the world – but for you, it won’t.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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