Does Street Marketing Still Work in the Digital Advertising Age?


Past 5 years have seen revolution in the world of advertising. The rise of Google’s search advertising and Facebook’s social media advertising has taken the media and advertising industry by storm. Google, Facebook and other social media and technology companies are increasing their share of advertising dollars year after year.

What’s more, the rise of digital marketing has enabled experts to grow and expand across not only their own local area but globally, too. SEO Ibérica, for example, is one digital marketing company who can increase your website traffic and brand reputation. Many marketing pundits are questioning whether traditional advertising avenues such as billboards and mail-in marketing hold any relevance and if they will become extinct in the near future. Before you move all of advertising dollars to digital world you should make yourself familiar with the value these traditional street marketing avenues provide.

One of the primary vehicles of street marketing is electronic displays. You can find these electronic displays in number of locations – highway billboards, bus station, restaurants, and even bathrooms. The latest technological advances in dynamic LED screens are even more effective and powerful in providing value and ROI to business owners. These displays provide number of benefits when it comes to delivering marketing value.

They are effective at catching the attention of passersby. The flashy signs and videos are sure to attract those who are have nothing else to do while waiting for the bus or their turn at the restaurant.

You can provide more detailed information about your business or products with these displays. You are even able to show short-length videos on these displays.

The LED screens do not consume much power, which means you can run them on smaller screen with batteries that last a long time.

You can even embed sensors in these displays and make them interactive. You may have noticed displays that activate when someone passes by and gives audio feedback to the person.

You are able to change the display message easily and frequently which enables you to customize it for niche audience or special occasions.

As you can see the dynamic displays provide an avenue to showcase your products in front of the audience and get their undivided attention delivering great ROI. You can even make them unique and interactive. Even in this age of online advertising these displays remain an effective offline advertising medium to showcase your products.


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