Emerging Cannabis Tech Start-ups to watch


Recreational marijuana has been legalized, and the weed market is booming ever since. Technology, too, is supporting the use and purchase of weed with several cannabis tech start-ups stepping in into the market and promoting the use and acquisition of marijuana. Long gone are the days of getting weed from a dappled person around the neighbourhood. Nowadays, weed is delivered at your doorstep!

In North America alone, the sale of legal marijuana rocketed to $6.7 billion in the year 2016 and $10 billion in the last year. New Frontier Data, the leading cannabis market research firm has predicted a growth of $24.5 billion in sales by the year 2025. With an increase in demand for weed products, timely deliverable guarantees and customer relationship management requirements, the employment avenues of the cannabis industry would be on a roll. This would undoubtedly increase the employment scenario!

Several cannabis start-ups ventured into the growing industry and have emerged as best. Some of these are:

marijuana cannabis industry innovators


With a funding amount of around 52 million from various investors, Eaze is an Amazon site for the medical marijuana. The company partners with dispensaries and delivers weed for medicinal purposes. The start-up has a vast catalogue of marijuana products, starting from edibles to body care products.


This start-up engages with retailers in the management concerns of their weed businesses. They offer different business solutions like CRM, reporting tools, and organized ordering processes. The start-up is associated with more than 450 cannabis brands as well as 2,000 retailers.


With 12 million in funding, Baker is a CRM and automation set-up for dispensaries and has more than 1.2 million customers in the US and Canada alone. The start-up recently launched an effective application program interface which allowed the ancillary technologies to interact with the Baker systems successfully.


The Headset start-up assists cannabis businesses in making informed decisions through the information available on their analytics platform. Headset deals will different segment of the market– like retailing, cultivation, product trends, as well as grabbing business opportunities. The start-up recently collaborated with Nielsen and Deloitte to provide valuable information on the legal cannabis market.


A social media platform specialized for 420 friendly people, one can find use this for various activities. Weed lovers can look for nearby dispensaries, post updated photos of the collection, get right as well as look for smoking buddies in this platform. MassRoots is a community of more than 1 million weed lovers. In the year 2017, MassRoots was an integral part of the buyers’ group that purchased High Times – the forefront in publishing about cannabis culture.

New Frontier Data

This start-up gives data solutions and information to cannabis investors and other related start-ups. One can find updated research reports, market insights and additional valuable information that will be a help to entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry.


This is the leading and largest cannabis wellness organization. This start-up lets people connect with doctors, get information about medical cannabis and also look for dispensaries. People can also shop from their vast collection of marijuana-infused products.

Green Bits

A retail management and e-commerce platform, it helps retailers improve and grow their business. With business management services, Green Bits serves to more than 500 retailers and garners around $1.4 billion in sales.


This is a leading brand for luxury cannabis. The flagship products of this start-up include the vape pens laded with rechargeable batteries and useful cannabis oils. Canndescent has earned funding of around 30 million since its founding in the year 2015.


This is a hiring platform that regularly seeks people looking out for jobs and recruiters from the cannabis industry. Vangst associated with and helped thousands of cannabis tech organizations to recruit desired and efficient, talented professionals for this industry.

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