Enhancing Productivity for Project Managers in the New Year


In the New Year, businesses are eager to dive into new tasks and
goals. Project managers are the first in line to have a full
understanding of the intentions of the company going forward.
It’s their job to take the companies’ new challenges and get
them accomplished in the best way to achieve the desired goals in a
timely manner.

All around the world, work productivity is generally getting
lower. When employees are engaged, they allow the organization to
17% more productive and 21% more profitable
. It’s the PMs
duty to ensure that everyone on their team is seeking the highest
level of productivity for themselves, and co-workers around them,
to ensure that the company is thriving from their employees working
towards goals. Here are some tips that are going to enhance the
work productivity of project managers, as well as surrounding
employees, in the New Year:


1.    Be Clutter-Free at Work

When your workspace is filled with piles of papers, folders, and
items that don’t relate to work, it can distract you from the
task at hand and even look unprofessional. While at work, you might
stop to look for something and find that, ten minutes later,
you’re still looking. However, having everything in the desired
home will allow you to limit stress and flourish as a PM. With the
juggling of multiple tasks, most PMs use tools that are completely
digital. However, there are still some things that are meant to be
in hard copy. You never want those few important documents to be
lost in piles on your desk.

Keeping your space clean and clutter-free will allow for optimal
productivity. Start by taking your personal items, such as your
coat, purse and/or briefcase and store them out of sight. Put your
coat in the closet, and add a hook to the side of your desk to hold
bags. Keep in mind the amount of build-up on the desk regarding
files or notes. Recycle papers that are no longer needed and use
desktop storage
to keep important documents within reach. This
will help to avoid clutter build-up. Also, take time to tidy up
before you leave every night, so when you come back in the morning
you have a fresh and clutter-free workspace to begin the day.


2.    Prioritize Goals

When starting the new year with delegated goals and intentions,
it’s crucial to step back and look at the big picture at a
smaller scale. To strategically complete the long-term goals,
it’s a strength of the PM to be able to split up the tasks of
each goal into smaller short-term goals to be more manageable. Why
might this be a good idea for project managers? Taking control of
the overall goal and dividing it into parts will uncover the
priorities. By planning priorities, you are creating a purpose for
everyone on the team to be more productive in their day-to-day.

Without prioritizing, you’re putting yourself at greater risk
of not fulfilling your goals. It’s easy to overlook the details
of each task and run straight towards them in full force. However,
the outcome is bound to hit roadblocks when failing to plan and
prioritize. It’s not always easy to separate goals into more
manageable steps, but it’s a crucial strategy that will benefit
the company in the long run. As a PM, knowing the smaller goals
that are expected from you and the team and having the best
understanding of top priorities will allow days to be more
productive. Find more on
how to prioritize when everything seems like a priority
in one
of our other blogs.


3.    Dress Up Your Desk

Other than having a decluttered space and knowing the tasks you
are expected to complete, there are visual aesthetics that might
aid in enhancing productivity, too. There are some items that can
be added to your workspace that will make it easier for you to
focus and get the job done, such as having a plant on your desk.
Mike Robinson asked all of his employees to pick a plant for their
. After each employee started working with a plant on their
desk, sales actually went up.

It can be easy to feel uninspired from a typical or plain office
space, but adding a piece of nature to your desk will freshen it
up. Plants also improve
indoor air quality
. Over time, breathing in higher quality air
from the greenery will have a
positive impact on your physical wellbeing
. This will help you
limit stress, which will help you to be more productive each and
every day at work.

Going into the new year, focus a little extra on your
productivity. As a project manager, you’re there to make sure
everyone is stable in the overall processes to complete goals. If
you fail to establish the priorities of each goal, there may be
some wrong turns along the way. Challenge yourself to implement
these tips to be your most useful self at work and to stand tall
knowing you are bettering the company overall.

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Enhancing Productivity for Project Managers in the New Year

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