Five Simple Ways to Build Team Morale


Low employee morale comes with a high price tag for your company. Employees with low morale are more likely to have poor performance and productivity and increased absenteeism.

So, how can you as a leader or business owner boost employee morale to ensure that your company is performing the best it can?

From opening a company store to organizing team-building events, keep reading for five ways to get your employees’ spirits soaring.

1. Organize Team Building

Wondering how to boost employee morale? Organizing fun team-building events and activities is a great way to do it. Team building events help to increase collaboration, develop personal relationships, and motivate employees.

However, you’ve got to be creative about it. Don’t organize a stuffy event that employees will go to reluctantly, dragging their feet. Make it a fun, stress-relieving event such as paintball, or a huge scavenger hunt.

Ask employees for their suggestions about cool ideas and take a vote, that way you can ensure that it will be a fun time.

2. Introduce Company Swag Kits

With Axomo you can build an online company store where your employees can purchase branded swag and swag packs of merchandise with company branding. This is not just for huge companies such as Google, all medium and large businesses can get involved.

It’s an awesome way to boost employee morale and create a team culture. Make sure that the employee swag is not kitsch or overbranded, it should be something that staff is proud to wear or use.

You can also get employees involved in designing the merchandise and voting for the winners.

3. Encourage and Support Employee Wellbeing

Your employees’ mental and physical well-being is crucial to having strong morale. When people are very stressed, struggling, and overwhelmed, it’s difficult for them to be confident and enthusiastic about work.

As a leader, your company needs to facilitate wellbeing. You could subsidize gym memberships and counseling, set aside a budget for wellness activities such as massages, and support days off for mental health.

Happy and healthy employees are productive, enthusiastic employees.

4. Remember to Have Fun

Work doesn’t always need to be stiff and formal. Employees need to feel like they can let loose sometimes, too. When you have to spend around 40 hours in the office each week, there needs to be some time for fun, playfulness, and goofiness.

There’s a couple of ways you can do this. Encourage funny competitions, or designate a company-wide prank day. Use non-serious communication in some chat groups, such as funny GIFs.

Lastly, organize impromptu parties in the office on a lunch break or after work. Make the office an environment that employees aren’t desperate to leave at the end of the day.

5. Show Appreciation

Employee appreciation is the best way to raise employee morale. A salary is not showing appreciation. You need to go above and beyond that to ensure that your employees know that you value them.

You can do this by verbally thanking them or recognizing good work. You can implement an employee recognition program, or hand out bonuses when a job has been well done.

Company Store to Employee Wellbeing and More: Which Will You Choose?

You have five awesome tips to boost employee morale in your company. Whether you choose to open a company store full of employee swag, facilitate wellbeing, or encourage fun in the workplace, make employee morale a priority.

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