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Finding the right start-up event for a budding entrepreneur is crucial, to make the right contacts and get the businesses. Every year, there are leading start-up events as well as conferences that take place in major cities across the globe. These events witness a culmination and networking of entrepreneurs as well as professionals from diverse fields attending the show. We listed some of the significant global events that every entrepreneur should mark it on their list and make it a point to try and attend them.

Start-up Grind Global Conference

 This conference provides a suitable platform for entrepreneurs- with start-ups, strategic partners, investors, prolific thought leaders as well as worldwide directors coming together in one location. This is a unique platform for the newbies to connect and get ideas, make business contacts and earn invaluable education and inspiration from the two-day event. The content for the event is offered by world-class leaders and speakers, a multitude of entrepreneurs as well as innovators looking forward to developing connections and indulge in hours of impactful networking and partnership opportunities.

Step Conference 

This event started as workshop sessions and gathering and grew to become one of the biggest tech experiential festivals in just seven years. With four detailed conferences, a showcase of 250+ start-ups and 6000+ attendees in two days, this is a perfect gathering of some of the best entrepreneurs as well as digital enthusiasts.

Slush Tokyo

This is one of the leading start-up events, where the founders and tech professionals meet and mingle with top-notch international investors, executives as well as media. This event started as a 300 person assembly in Finland and grew to a world-famous event. This event aims to support the new generation of upcoming companies.

Wolves Summit 

This summit is not only for start-ups but also is a hotspot for the investors, entrepreneurs as well as corporate representatives. The prime aim of Wolves Summit is to introduce new opportunities for upcoming organizations and to make them acquainted with the investment environment. The attendees of this Summit get a chance to meet various specialists during the conference, specialists and contributors who help newbies in the growth of their businesses.

EU Start-up Summit

With a gathering of more than 1,200 founders, start-up entrepreneurs, corporates, angel investors, VCs as well as media professionals from across Europe, this two-day event is an attractive opportunity for networking and connecting for budding entrepreneurs.


In just a short span of 8 years, Web Summit emerged to be one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. The event last year attracted around 70,000 attendees from across 170+ countries. it witnesses leaders from most prominent organizations and start-ups, global media professionals, thousands of investors as well as attendees for three days coming together under a single roof

Start-up Fest

This is one of the biggest start-up entrepreneurial events of Canada and is a positive gathering of aspiring founders, prolific innovators as well as veteran entrepreneurs from across the world. The event is an attractive opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to collaborate with leaders from the field of global technology and start-ups. There are keynote speakers, elevator pitches, tent villages, detailed workshops, informative conferences, real money prizes as well as fun activities in the fest.

Bits & Pretzels

This is a three-day application only event that witnesses a gathering of more than 5000 founders, investors, decision-makers as well as start-up enthusiasts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The attendees meet for vision, information sharing, learning and networking in this event.

Bread & Jam Festival

This two-day conference as well as boot camp is especially for upcoming and scaling food and beverage brands, bringing together food as well as beverage founders and innovators, prolific investors, media professionals and industry leaders in the field to the event. One can expect informative panel discussions, inspirational keynotes, detailed workshops as well as mentoring sessions which will focus on the growth of independent food and beverage brands.

Web Summit

This event started as a simple gathering. It aimed to connect the technology community with new ad upcoming industries. Web Summit has so far developed to become one of the largest technology conferences in the world, and it is ‘Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace’.

 In seven years, the event grew from 400 to more than 70,000 attendees from 170+ countries. The Web Summit is a unique global event for leading technology companies of the world and for the ones who are interested in knowing the ways of transforming their businesses through disruption.

SaaStr Annual

This three-day event is one of the biggest gatherings of B2B software in the world. The event witnesses 300+ handcrafted sessions from the best in the field of SaaS to help entrepreneurs build themselves. The event witnessed more than 500 one-on-one mini-group meetings guided by mentors and VCs in addition to speakers from leading organizations like Dropbox, HubSpot, Slack, Stripe and Sequoia Capital.

Montgomery Summit

This summit continues to follow the 10-year legacy of Montgomery Technology Conference and witnesses world leader entrepreneurs, investors as well as executives to discuss and share information on crucial trends in the field of entrepreneurship and technology. The invitation-only event headed by Jamie Montgomery, includes 150+ vetted company presentations, refined keynotes, one-on-one mini-meetings, insider panels as well as a unique session like the “The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur.”

Human Gathering

This is a three-day event headed by an exclusive community of talented minds in the fields of business, technology, philanthropy as well as arts coming together under a single roof to engage and share information.

EO Nerve

This event is facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which is a global non-profit network of leading entrepreneurs looking for good networking. It is a multi-day learning event held annually, where members get a platform to learn and share information, expand their knowledge and witness keynotes by leaders.

CEO National

An exciting event, the CEO National of (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Chicago) witnesses 1,000+ college entrepreneurs coming together in a single convention centre for a weekend to experience keynotes, take part in workshops and do networking.


The event witnesses gathering of passionate entrepreneurs and people of diverse fields. This is the ‘unconference’ kind of meeting where the people become more laid back, agenda-free and come together to talk about what they want to do.

Techcrunch Disrupt

The networking in this event is top-notch! If you are a tech entrepreneur and want to launch a start-up, this is where you want to be. You can take part in the demo competition and make sure to answer the tough questions asked there.

Nexus Global Youth Summit

This event is conducted by the United Nations and focuses on recognizing the advancement of youth. The event witnesses top youth leaders in the field of philanthropy addressing issues and problems that young people face across the globe.

INC’s GrowCo

The Grow Your Business Conference is a perfect place to attain advice and strategies for developing a business. The three-day conference is primarily for budding entrepreneurs as they get to listen to speakers like top-notch CEOs like businessman George Foreman.


This conference, specially designed for educating attendees about how technology and innovation play a role in the growth of companies and in fulfilling their goals. The conference focuses on the importance of thinkers and enthusiasts in a changing environment.

Ad Tech 

This global multimedia digital marketing conference annually hosts events across the world. The topics of the meetings held include media buying, media research, email marketing, mobile development, web analytics, as well as affiliate marketing and blogging.


The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centres witnesses an attendee of 200+ schools coming together at the University of Southern California to share the best practices and methods of entrepreneurship education.

Inbound Marketing Summit

This bi-coastal conference portrays methods and ways of how to get customers and clients to your businesses. It is a two-day conference hosted by HubSpot.


The Consumer Electronics Show witnesses the biggest and leading innovative companies from across the world like Sony and Microsoft attending the event to display their new products and ideas. The conference is humongous and spans across five football fields with thousands of attendees as well as press professionals.

140 Character Conference 

This is a travelling road-show portraying the changes and innovations of commerce and community. The event hosted by Jeff Pulver, witness leading speakers, cover topics ranging from fashion to education.

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