Google Announces $150 Million for Vaccine Distribution


Alphabet-company Google has announced $150 million to promote vaccine education and equitable distribution of the vaccine. It will also open up centers to serve as vaccination sites.

The company will help to find locally relevant information, including when and where to get the vaccine.

Google has an Ad Grants Crisis Relief Program that works with government agencies and global non-governmental organizations run critical public service health announcements. Google is also granting an additional $100 million for the CDC Foundation, the World Health Organization, and nonprofits around the globe. It plans to invest another $50 million in partnership with public health agencies to reach underserved communities with vaccine-related content and information.

Google Mays may display COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Centers

The vaccine distribution in the US is not going at the rate it was expected to. Data shows the people of color and rural communities are finding access difficult. To help, Google has committed $5 million in grants to organizations addressing racial and geographic disparities in COVID-19 vaccinations, including Morehouse School of Medicine and the CDC Foundation.

Google COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Center

Searches for “vaccines near me” have increased 5x since the beginning of the year. Google wants to make sure that COVID-19 vaccination locations will be available in Google Search and Maps, starting with Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, with more states and countries to come.

Information on documentation and other requirements will be available, along with who is eligible. It has partnered with VaccineFinder, an initiative of Boston Children’ Hospital and other authoritative sources, such as government agencies and retail pharmacies, to gather vaccination location information and make it available.

“Getting vaccines to billions of people won’t be easy, but it’s one of the most important problems we’ll solve in our lifetimes,” Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog post.

Google has expanded its information search for local vaccination centers to more than 40 countries and dozens of languages, with more in the pipeline Soon a “Get The Facts” initiative across Google and YouTube is in the works for more authoritative information on vaccines. Google launched the vaccine information panels in search in the UK in December, listing information on each individual vaccine. They’re similar to the info panels it used to share facts about Covid-19 and treatment centers.

Select Google facilities—such as buildings, parking lots and open spaces will be made available as vaccination centers whenever required. Sites in Los Angeles and San Francisco in California will be opened with the help of One Medical. Centers are also planned in Washington and New York City.

These centers will be opened based on the availability of vaccines.

Google Cloud is helping healthcare organizations, retail pharmacies, logistics companies, and public sector institutions make use of innovative technologies to speed up the delivery of vaccines. Google AI is being used for traffic and weather updates by logistics companies for transportation. Google tech tools help facilitate pre-screening, scheduling and follow up too.

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