Google launches digital wellbeing apps for Android


Tech giant Google has introduced powerful tools for the digital wellbeing of Android phones. These digital wellbeing experiments are started as apps which an Android user can download and use them on their devices for a better digital experience. The applications have different uses and fall under different categories of ‘digital wellbeing.’  Be it to reduce smartphone usage, make the user more aware of the usage, or give more developed Android notifications, and these apps are improved and efficient to the core.

Google android wear smartwatches

Unlock Clock

This app can be used as live wallpaper and displays the number of times a user has unlocked their smartphone in a day. The app appears on the live wallpaper picker as an option that can be easily selected. The app is aimed at making the user aware of the tech use and limiting the usage too.

Post Box

This application is aimed to limit the number of notifications on the phone. Instead of sending repeated notifications on the phone across the day, the app gathers all the notifications. It then delivers them together in an organized and efficient way four times a day. The motive of the application is to minimize distractions for the user from the phone.

We Flip

This app is designed to reduce smartphone usage when the user is in a group amongst other people. The application collaborates with every phone in the group and pairs together. After that, it flips the switch to begin a new session and tracks who uses the phone during that session. Once a person uses the phone, the session ends, and the app provides data and stats. The app aims at making the group of people accountable for their phones and to switch off from technology when the user is amongst a group.

Desert Island

This application prioritizes the applications which a person uses the most. It takes over the smartphone and offers shortcuts to the most important applications, like a camera, note-taking app, messages, and calendar. The app helps the user to be focussed and use the phone only for the crucial tasks.


This application displays the right apps at the right time; it syncs with the present activities of the user and recommends and displays the applications which might be used for that activity. Morph helps the person to be focussed, prioritized, and to be able to divide the time efficiently.

Paper Phone

This app lets the user create a foldable ‘paper phone,’ which will include only the essential parts of the smartphone like a list, contacts, recipes, or anything crucial to the person. This is a ‘detox’ app where the person can stay away from tech use.

Activity Bubbles

This application tracks how many times the user unlocks the phone and how long do they keep it open and highlights that on the wallpaper. For each unlock of the phone, the application forms a new bubble, and the bubble grows the longer it is used and kept unlocked. As a result, over a day, the wallpaper is filled with bubbles.

Screen Stopwatch

This application tracks how long the phone is used regularly and highlights the total time in hours, minutes, and seconds. This is the most useful app if a person wants to be aware of how much they use a phone.

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