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It’s a new era in the Canadian workplace. Long gone is the idea of one steady employer from internship to retirement, a cushy pension and steady salary increases. The new environment is a challenging one for jobseekers, with precarious work on the rise while wages have been stagnating compared to the cost of living for years.

But there’s some good news.

U.S. holiday seasonal workers to get 32% pay hike this year — what about Canada?

Unemployment in Canada is currently quite low — last month it sat at 5.9 per cent, and the economy is in good shape. While there’s definitely opportunity out there, the nature of our workplaces is changing, and that means so are the kinds of jobs that are worth investing in.

Whether you’re looking to change directions or just looking to make some money on the side, Hot Jobs, a new series from Global News focuses on career strategy for a new era in work.

Hot Jobs, a series from Global News.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at throughout the week:

  • Oct. 29: The $100K entry-level gig you can get here in Canada
  • Oct. 30: The best-paying jobs that don’t require a university degree
  • Oct. 31: Public vs. public sector jobs: Which pay more?
  • Nov. 1: Are oil and gas jobs still a surefire way to make a lot of money?
  • Nov. 2: Sick of 9 to 5? Here’s how to actually make money as a freelancer
  • Nov. 3: How to make a side gig work for you — and keep the money you make doing it


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