How A Michigan Startup Is Disrupting The $60B Bottled Water Industry


Boxed Water Is Better, a sustainable packaged water alternative available nationwide and online, released a life cycle study conducted by Anthesis Group on Oct. 27 that compares the environmental impacts of plastic, aluminum and Boxed Water containers.

The production and consumption of traditional plastic and aluminum water bottles has tremendous consequences for the environment, according to Boxed Water CMO Robert Koenen.

Boxed Water, a Michigan-based firm co-founded in 2009 by Benjamin Gott, provides a better alternative, Koenen told Benzinga. The company is best known for its purified water in 92% plant-based sustainable packaging.

“10 years ago, this company was founded by a couple of millennials who saw plastic everywhere, and they thought there must be a better way,” the CMO said. 

“So, we’re taking on big soda because they’re the ones producing up to 69 billion bottles every year right now, 90% of which go to landfills or oceans.”

Conduit For Change

Boxed Water’s primary solution is a BPA-free, FSC-certified paper water bottle with a 64% lower carbon footprint makes for easy recycling and less harm to the environment.

The bottles, which come in varying sizes, boast plant-based caps created from the waste byproduct of newspapers and Kleenex. The company sources its water through proprietary purification methods.

“There’s a zero footprint to what we’re doing,” Koenen said. “We just switched over to the plant-based cap. We now have more sustainable content in our pack than any other sustainable brand out there.”

The …

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