How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Improve Your Website’s Content and Design


Being a seaside city, people have always perceived Brighton as a beach destination, with the tourism industry contributing £380 m to the economy. But, it has recently earned quite a few titles, including the UK’s most entrepreneurial city and Start-up Capital. The city also has a share of immersive companies, four times bigger than the national average.

Tech-savvy individuals visit the city for some of the UK’s marketing events, like the Brighton SEO and Dconstruct. And with the University of Sussex and Wired Sussex acting as initiators for the digital tech community, Brighton’s strengths continue to develop across the digital spectrum.

Brighton is the latest hot pick for start-ups in various sectors. To stay afloat, you will have to seek the help of a marketing agency in Brighton to create the best content for your website, resonating with your firm’s core vision and mission. Here’s how an adept professional can help you with all aspects associated with website content, from developing to marketing, crafted with specific goals.

Developing Tailored Content for Various Social Media Platforms

Over two-thirds of Brighton’s total population are active on social media, with more than 70% internet users on Facebook. Content specifically created for social media plays a crucial role in an online marketing campaign.

A skilled consultant will work on the content and optimise it to suit each platform you wish to pursue, ensuring the material sustains all devices and channels. They focus on maintaining quality, with versatile videos and photos, best suited for media like YouTube and Instagram.

Creating a Wow Factor with the Aesthetics

Brighton is home to renowned healthcare start-ups that use sophisticated technology, from VR to Strava.

When you have such ventures, where you need to make your offerings appealing to the viewers, your website content can make all the difference. An experienced consultant implements a well-balanced marketing strategy that enables the viewers to perceive your business as visually engaging. They incorporate customer-generated content, which adds a natural feel across social channels.

Creating Rich Content for Blogging

Brighton is one of Europe’s digital hubs, with many successful vloggers coming from this seaside town. From medical, travel, food to fashion, the city presents over 400 famous bloggers and influencers.

Blogging is the ideal way to enhance your company’s profile, search engine ranking, and a rich source of content for various social media platforms. Engaging a marketing agency in Brighton will ensure you have blog content with customer experience enhancing and SEO optimised elements, ranking your business higher, organically.

Offering Copywriting Services

Google states that 20% of all searches relate to a location, making local SEO crucial, with about 45% of them on mobile in Brighton. The adept digital marketing consultants use prolific strategies to make your business visible to customers searching locally for products and services you offer.

They consider local SEO elements, like geographical location, review signals and local links, improving your online footprint,covering all the nearby neighbourhoods.

Developing Mobile-optimised Content

The Brighton SEO experts suggest that more than 50% of all Google searches happen on a mobile device. A mobile-optimised content for your target audience ensures a higher customer engagement with your business offering.

When you hire a professional, they will create relevant content with a direct intention of enhancing consumer behaviour, driving increased loyalty. They develop a robust social media strategy for your business, setting emotion-evoking content as the foundation.

Creating Well-Suited Audio and Voice Content

Last year, Brighton Podcast Festival announced the first wave of their events during Spring, with live sessions in venues, including Komedia, Rialto and The Old Market. Reputed digital marketing agencies use podcasts, and optimised voice recognised searches to help your business reach your potential customer base.

Podcasts are quite a trend, as a great way to communicate your company’s offerings to your existing and prospective clients.

Focussing on Amplification Through Influencer Marketing

As per a study at the University of Brighton, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, while 40% purchase something after seeing it on Twitter. Experienced professionals understand the influencer market’s power and use those related to your field to increase your online reputation. Influencer marketing gives you quick results, with your clients following the influencers and instantly validating your brand.

Summing Up

Recently, a new city deal unlocked more than £170 million as an investment into Brighton’s upcoming Silicon Beach to create over 8,000 tech jobs. With the growing digital economy, worth over £1 billion, the seaside city is the best spot to start or continue your profitable venture.

Hire a reputed digital marketing consultant to create rich content for your company website that elevates your brand message on various social media channels. With the right team on your side, your content can make the best impression and compel your customers to become your referrals, thus boosting your business in Brighton.


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