How Can a Small Business Benefit from IT Support Solutions in Washington DC


Washington DC is the capital of the US and one of the most visited cities in the country. Its metropolitan area is the 6th largest in the US, with around 6.2 million residents. The city also serves as the headquarters of several international organizations, non-profits, trade unions, professional associations, and lobbying groups. So, if you are a small business in Washington DC, you must hire managed IT support solutions to let your company thrive under such immense competition.

Here are a few benefits small businesses can get from managed commercial IT solutions Washington DC.

High ROI

Compared to an in-house IT management team, commercial IT solutions offer much more resources and a bigger team of professionals for your business’s technological empowerment. They can also protect your business from internet security threats. Since Washington DC is an important business center of the world, it is also prone to many cyber attacks. Therefore, managed IT solutions offer much more value and resources to your business than an in-house IT team.

Increased Efficiency

In DC, professional and business services make up a large share of small businesses. By outsourcing your IT management tasks, you can focus more on your core business offering.

The IT solution providers also ensure that your business processes adhere to the industry rules and standards, thereby again saving your resources and time. Besides that, outsourcing also ensures proper maintenance of your IT assets, thereby reducing outages and boosting your employees’ up-time.

Improved Productivity

According to the federal SBA (Small Business Association), a small business is one that has less than 500 employees, which makes 99.9% of businesses in the US. The majority of small businesses in DC have fewer than 50 employees that makeup 95.2 percent of establishments in DC, and employ about a third (32.7 percent) of workers.

If you are a small business in Washington DC, you might have some staff members who may have some degree of IT knowledge and experience. But they can easily get sidetracked with other tasks and requests, ultimately leading to loss of productivity.

Commercial IT solutions provide them with a dedicated helpline where they can directly call whenever they have an IT issue. As a result, your IT staff members are kept free to focus on their more productive tasks.

Unmatched Expertise

Specialized IT solutions providers have knowledge and experience for working with varied industries and clients. Employees at these service providers are dedicated to offering IT solutions, and they keep learning new things to offer the best services to their clients.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Most businesses in Washington DC are primarily concerned about a security breach. These days, cloud-based access is essential for users, which allows you to access the website or account through your mobile device. Such a service allows your staff members to work from a remote location. An IT solutions provider can help you move to a cloud platform securely and manage its maintenance and upkeep in the future.

Better Up-Time Management

Your IT systems must stay up-to-date for optimum efficiency and minimum downtime. However, updating the systems during a regular workday can put your business at a halt. Therefore, when you outsource your IT management to a team of professionals, they handle your upgrades remotely without disrupting your business operations.

Business Leverage Against the Competitors

When you outsource your commercial IT solutions in Washington DC to an expert, you can focus more on your business operations and ultimately gain an edge over your competitors. This not only adds to your business’s value proposition but also ensures the security of your sensitive data.

There are around 37,973 small business establishments in DC as of 2019, translating to greater competition in the local market. So, now that you know all the benefits of hiring managed IT support solution providers, are you ready to select one for your business in Washington DC? Select a firm with sufficient experience in the field so that they can offer you the best possible solution as per your expectations.

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