How Can Email Customization Help Get the Most Benefit


Email has become the ubiquitous communication tool for this generation. Whether it is personal communication with friends and families or business communication with vendors and employees, email provides a way to craft a unique message tailored to everyone’s needs. Number of free email tools have come to market in the past few years. Each has its own set of features that help its users become more productive and effective. Gmail, amongst others, has been gaining popularity with number of individuals and businesses due to its simplicity and feature set.

While Gmail is a powerful email tool and provides number of features, it does not have everything that businesses would need to be productive. This is where email customization and mail merge software add-on can help. They provide additional features and services that are not available out-of-the-box from Gmail. They can help you with marketing, security, personalization and analytics to get the most out of your emails. Here are various ways in which Gmail customization can help your business.

  • Email marketing – Email marketing is a powerful marketing technique to help business owners reach existing and prospective customers easily. It enables you to target specific customers with customized message for each target segment. It also allows you to send the message addressed to each customer with their names with the mail merge software functionality. While social media marketing is getting more attention these days, email marketing still remains a powerful technique to reach large number of customers with relative ease.
  • Newsletter – Newsletter is another way to reach existing customers with information, updates and news stories about your business and industry that would be of interest to your target customers. Email customization allows you to send the newsletters to your target customers with the push of a button.
  • Analytics – Once you send your marketing emails and newsletters to target customers you need to be able to track the response received from those customers. Email analytics helps you find out how many recipients opened the email, how many clicked on the links and how many placed an order from the email. Email customization and add-ons allow you to perform detailed analytics so that you can refine your message when sending a follow-up message.
  • Productivity – Marketing requires significant effort, time and money even with the help of email customization software. Being able to do it productively will help you get the most out of your marketing spend. There are several ways in which email customization helps. For example, you can schedule emails to go out at a specific time and day to get the most return from it. You can also send follow-up emails automatically to ensure your customers read and respond. Mail merge software feature also allows you to prepare one message template and customize it for various customers.

As you can see, email customization software allows you to get the most out of your Gmail by providing additional functionality that is not available out-of-box from Gmail.


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