How Digital Marketing Trends Will Revolutionize Businesses in 2021


The year 2020 saw a dramatic transformation of eCommerce businesses. Consumers forged their shopping habits which raised the brand expectations. Digital marketing, too, saw a remarkable evolution as companies shifted to online resources, especially in the wake of coronavirus restrictions. Brands redesigned their campaigns to reflect new realities.

So, what changes in the year 2021? What are the digital marketing platforms which help you focus your energy? What are the best ways of acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers in 2021?

Have too much to take care of in this little time? Well, here are some 2021 trends and the maxims of growing your eCommerce business. Stick on to discover how incorporating these trends will help you achieve heights of business success

How will Digital Marketing Rule in 2021?

The digital marketing landscape has been optimistic. Even though 2020 was a challenging year, marketing experts forecasted the industry to grow by 20 percent in the next year. They further have expectations that Google and Facebook will lead the way for other digital marketing platforms. Some of the significant trends to watch out for in 2021 are:

  • There’s a Significant Change in Customer Behavior

If you’re waiting for consumer behavior to go back to what it was before COVID-19, then you’re probably wrong. It’s always better to adjust to the new reality as the behavior change holds permanency.

2020 was a year for businesses to adapt to these ever-changing conditions. However, 2021 is the year for companies to develop intelligent digital marketing strategies to align with these changes.

  • Influencer Marketing Holds Integrity for Consumer Brands

Social media influencers have seen the inclination of brands relying on them to increase their conversion rates and lead generation. This reliability holds good, especially when brands are targeting the younger generation.

Going fast forward the line, the role of influencers in digital marketing will rise to unexceptional levels. It is because of an increase in the role of social media- both during and after the pandemic. Influencers work wonders in engaging with their followers on a personal level. They push the products and services in a way that other marketing forms cannot.

  • Short-form Videos Rule the Digital Marketing Empire

Lockdown restrictions enabled people to find alternative sources of entertainment. And, that’s one of the primary reasons for growth in video consumption.

It’ll come as no surprise to you to know that TikTok was one of the fastest-growing apps in Ireland. Facebook also launched Instagram Reels besides the popular Facebook Live. Thereby, a Digital marketing Agency Broker suggests brands develop effective strategies for video marketing. Techniques like these will help you achieve your goals in a much easier manner. Also, passing a brand voice through a one-minute video is far easier than a 3000- word text.

  • User Privacy Protection Impact the Targeting Capabilities and Data Collection

In recent years, data privacy scandals shifted their focus to online advertising and big data. Numerous domestic, as well as international data privacy laws, saw an enactment. Reputed brands like Apple and Google made changes to their privacy policies.

Today, online advertising platforms and regulators are making efforts to protect the user’s privacy. Brands are changing their ways of tracking, targeting, and retargeting their consumers. Thereby, preparing yourself to meet the transforming times is essential.

And, that’s the reason biggest brands like Facebook and Google are introducing brilliant campaigns and machine learning. By doing so, they’ll be able to reach their target audiences without even infringing their privacy. Besides the above trends, brands must expect marketing automation instead of going in for mass-blasted campaigns.

How can you have a Strong Marketing Strategy in 2021?

Now that you’re aware of the recent trends for revolutionizing businesses, it is essential to know some tips for developing an effective strategy. Some tips that are sure to help you are:

  • Improve your Communication Availability

A recent study by McKinsey found that customers tend to switch brands if their preferred brand doesn’t have products and services. Thus, experts suggest having an inventory on hand to meet this challenge. Service providers, however, can book their time slot availability. Make timely communication with your customers. Let them know about your product/services.

  • Provide an Interactive Content

The interactive elements on digital marketing channels work in increasing brand engagement. Providing value to customers helps in brand awareness and visibility.

For instance, you can have a mortgage calculator on your website if you’re a real estate company. By doing so, your customers will be able to estimate their mortgage payments easily. Also, try and gather data about effective buyer personas to enhance offer targeting.

Assessments, quizzes, online polls, games, contests, interactive videos are some other elements to consider.

  • Work on Customer Retention

Customer retention is the most crucial aspect of your business and marketing efforts. Satisfied customers always provide honest feedback, reduce the acquisition costs and enhance revenue generation to unexceptional levels.

Thereby, customer segmentation is the key to better and effective customer retention. Customer targeting also becomes pretty cost-effective.

  • Employ Social Media for Customer Engagement and Retention

According to Statista, Ireland’s Digital advertising spend is estimated to reach a whopping amount of €880m by the end of 2021. Social media marketing will rise to 5.2 percent to around €230m.

With the advent of modern technology and an upsurge in social media, it has become one of the best platforms for engaging customers. Knowing where to meet your audience has also become important.

For instance, Facebook shops are changing how customers use social media platforms. It will not only strengthen the online presence but will also provide a seamless customer shopping experience.

The Verdict

Digital marketing is changing customers’ demands and habits. This transformation, however, will continue in the years to come. There’ll be innovative technology, creative ideas, and robust marketing strategies to pave a path for customer engagement and lead generation.

Note that it’s one of the best proper ways of rising above your competitors.

Entrepreneurs from across the globe are all thumbs up for using a digital marketing agency for expanding their business horizons. Also, stay well ahead of key trends and changes in the digital marketing space.


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