How Digital Transformation Can Change Your Business


The business landscape has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The year 2021 will present new realities for businesses. Things that were optional, such as remote work, have become the norm overnight. Businesses that were previously in major cities, like New York and San Francisco, are now vacating expensive real estate and moving to smaller and less expensive properties.

One of the biggest changes seen has been the digital transformation that is taking place. Businesses that did not have a digital presence when the pandemic started either failed completely or needed to make some swift adjustments by using digital transformation services to get themselves up to speed.

It is no longer an option to not have a digital presence. It is no longer considered chic or trendy to be off the digital grid.

Increasing Revenue from Digital Channels

Before the pandemic, some businesses had a digital presence that was anemic. They had a website and a social media page just to have them. But they lacked the depth needed to give customers what they really wanted.

If your store was primarily getting revenue from brick-and-mortar locations, you now need to provide your customers with the same shopping experience through digital channels. For example, if you sell shoes, chances are that your customers would visit your store and get help from a sales associate.

Now that your customers are online, the interactions they would traditionally have with a person are being carried out with chat bots or other forms of digital communication. These forms of digital communication must provide the same level of knowledge, information, and care previously offered by people.

Even though your customers know that they are interacting with something artificial, they want the interaction to feel authentic. When you are able to accomplish this, you are going to see a substantial return on your investment in your digital transformation.

Keep Your Valued Employees

Digital transformation is expanding the opportunities that employees have for where they will work. You might be a small to medium-sized operation in the Midwest. You may have top talent working for you because they did not want to move to a large city on one of the coasts.

Now, this same talent may have the opportunity to work for large organizations and receive a better salary without the need to move. If you want to hold on to your employees, you may need to speed up your digital transformation.

Digital transformation is more than technology. It is a mindset that becomes a culture. Now that there are many options available, quality employees are searching for employers who are forward thinking. They are looking for employers who are taking advantage of the pandemic to offer continued education and reimbursement for supplies used while working at home.

Give Your Digital Transformation a Reset

Now is not the time for your organization to sit on its laurels. The pandemic has created the perfect environment for businesses to do self-evaluation and then reset where needed.

Take a hard look at your digital presence. Keep what is working for you and get rid of what is not. This doesn’t mean that you need to change everything. However, your organization must acknowledge that the pace of change has sped up.

Look at leaders in your industry. See what changes they are making successfully and which changes they are stumbling through. Learn from it. Start investing now with the future in mind. The changes you make today will probably lead to benefits three to five years down the road.

If your business is falling behind on digital transformation, now is the time to act. See the warning signs that you are transforming too slowly. Employ best practices to help get your business up to speed.

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