How I made 10% trading this one stock


As a Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscriber I got this email at 1:31 pm ET on Thursday, Jan 3rd, 2019 recommending TWLO. (Twilio)

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At that time, the stock was about $83, down $4 for the day from its previous close of $86.97.

Twilio trade

But the Dow Jones was also down about $550 at the time so I was a little hesitant to buy anything.

The TWLO stock closed at $81.25 as the Dow continue down the rest of the day.  At that point I thought I made the right decision to wait until the market settled a bit.

But the next morning, January 4, the Dow futures were up big and I now knew I wanted to but some of the Fool’s TWLO pick.

Unfortunately by the time I got around to logging into my Etrade account, the stock was already up $7 to $88.

The Dow was still up strong, and I hesitated placing a buy order.  I never want to be the unlucky person that buys a stock at the stock’s high for the day.

I decided to wait for a brief sell off, but after an hour I couldn’t wait anymore.

I didn’t want to miss out on another rally so I placed a Market Order to buy about $2,000, or 22 shares.  I got filled at $88.01 as you can see from my trade confirmation below.

Etrade account

At the close on January 4th the TWLO stock was at $88.55 so the price was still moving up slightly and I was feeling pretty good.

Then on Monday, January 7 the TWLO stock was up $8.43 to 96.98!

So I already have a 10% return on TWLO in just 2 days.

Now, with hind sight being 20/20 I just wished I would have bought TWLO when I first got the Motley Fool Stock Advisor email recommendation–those that did now have a 17% return.

Next time the Stock Advisor sends out a recommendation, I definitely will buy the stock as soon as I get the email alert.

Stay tuned for my next update.

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