How to Attract and Nurture Quality Instagram Followers


Instagram is one social media platform that lets you create brand awareness for free. The more followers you have, the more money you are likely to make on this platform. But, it all boils down to some factors, one of which is – do you have good, active and reliable Instagram followers?

As obvious as that question sounds, a lot of businesses and brands have missed it. Although it is good, it’s not enough to have free Instagram followers. But, how you make the most of those followers is what counts. This article will be highlighting some proven strategies that can help you convert your quality Instagram followers into customers.

Attract the Right Followers

Many businesses that are new to Instagram are only after getting as many Instagram followers. They do not pay any attention to the kind of audience they are going after. As long as it’s an Instagram follower, they are okay with it. Please, don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing altogether.

But if you get 1K followers and end up having just 2% of them giving you the engagement you seek, then it’s a failed project. You must make sure you’re targeting the right audience. Learn how to deploy the right hashtags and work with effective influencers to enable you get real free Instagram likes.

Engage Your Instagram Followers

After scaling the first hurdle of finding the right audience, this next stage is to ensure that you don’t lose your followers again. Use any method you know to keep interacting with them. Keep touching on those conversations to ensure your followers remain active on the subject of discussion.

Engagement on social media is not without plenty of benefits. It helps to expand your reach and boost your brand awareness. Plenty of shares, likes and comments are some of the favors you need to ensure you seek a healthy conversion rate.

Making CTAs as part of your Instagram posts and telling your brand’s story are some of the ways to increase engagement.

Employ Lead Magnets for Converting Your Instagram Followers

After accomplishing the first two steps above, your next move will revolve around how to entice your followers with a lead magnet. In this case, you can resort to using gated, downloadable content to get what you need from your followers.

At the very least, they will have to provide their email address in exchange for the content you intend to send them. This has been an effective way to generate leads. Persuade them to give you their emails as the preferred destination for sending the content. As long as the content is worth it, they would gladly oblige.


All the steps explained in this post are effective ways to convert vibrant Instagram followers to customers. But, like it was emphasized in the article, it all begins with getting followers. Thankfully, you can get Instagram followers free with the help of the GetInsta. This app can help you gain access to tens of thousands of real Instagram followers.


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