How to Create Big Splash at Corporate Events


Corporate events provide opportunity to invite your customers, partners and prospects to showcase what your business has to offer. The event attendees will take away mementos as well as memories from the events. How you treat them at the events and what you showcase will determine whether the money spent at those events were well-spent or not. It is important to give them an experience that they will remember for many years to come. The more unique this experience, the better impact it will have with your attendees. So, how do you create this unique experience?

There are many ways to create memorable experience. One of the most interesting and unique ways is to use one of the most mysterious nature elements, water, and combine it with music that creates an awesome spectacle for your attendees. Water fountains have been used create spectacle and splendor for hundreds of years. Chatreau de Versailles was commissioned by King Louis XIV to create sumptuous water shows at the court of the King of France as part of the ceremonies which gained attention from everywhere and made Versailles the most talked about name in Europe.

You can use variety of techniques to create the majestic, musical effect with water. You can start by using a musical fountain design. This entails setting up infrastructure  with the help of experts in an outdoor or indoor setting. They can also set up the lighting and music that matches the water show to create an unforgettable experience for the attendees.

May variations can be used that fits the atmosphere and available space. Water theater can be used to create a complete show based on a theme that can last from few seconds to multiple minutes. It captures the attention and imagination of your attendees like never before. You can even create a grandiose water theater like the ones seen in big sporting events such as Olympics. Musical fountain is another option that can integrate variety of configurations based on the needs and available options. This can be created with a fountain water show to create memories that will last forever in your audience’s minds.

These musical water shows and water fountains can be set up for many types of events. At tradeshows, you can set up the water fountain with special effects that can be run continuously. For fashion shows, the musical water show can be the backdrop or part of the event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating memorable experience for your customers using musical water shows and fountains.


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