How to Ensure Your Employees Give Their Best in the Trade Show


The trade show floor can be an intimidating, fast paced, and traffic heavy place. However, when you’ve got the right employees manning your booth, and you’ve shown them the ropes, you’ll be able to depend on them! So, in the interest of ensuring your next trade show presence goes off without a hitch, here are a few ways to ensure your employees do their best when they’re presenting your brand in the real world.

Make Their Identity Obvious

If you’re going to be presenting your brand in the right light, and you want to ensure people leave with a good impression of the booth you’ve set up, you’re going to need to make your employees’ identity obvious. Make sure there’s no confusion about who they’re working for, or who they’re presenting, or where all of these good ideas are coming from!

Don’t worry, it’s not hard to pull this off. With a simple lanyard with id holder attached to your employees’ uniforms, or hung around their neck, you’ll have a cohesive and subtle way to keep visitors and viewers informed. Your employees probably won’t even have to introduce themselves, which leaves time for a little more presentation.

Prepare a Script

If you want your employees to give out the right impression, and to remember to say all of the right things, you’re going to need to prepare a script for them. After all, even the most outgoing and well informed of your employees are going to get tired coming up with sales pitches after a while, so give them a proper structure to work off of that they can just put a small spin on every so often.

At the same time, you may want to provide them with a bit of training surrounding working the trade show floor. Make sure they know what energy to bring, what kinds of visitors to look out for, and how to keep track of everything that happens in and around the booth.

Give Them an Easy Way to Track Leads

And finally, make sure your employees are never too caught up in trying to lock down a visitor’s number or other contact details. If they spend upwards of 10 minutes trying to work out who that last guy was, or where they’ve heard that business’ name before, they’re going to waste precious time they could be using to get back out there.

Give them some easy ways to track leads. There’s a lot of tech currently on the market for this very purpose, and you could even use a standard scanner to keep track of every single big name or company that visited your booth. Simply put, work now, lock down the leads later.

Your employees can do their best on the trade show floor when you’ve set them up right. Give them the chance now to prove themselves!



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