How To Improve Your Finances In 2019


There is literally just one month before you are looking at a whole new year. It is safe to assume that you are probably not the only one that is feeling the financial pressure. Maybe you didn’t accrue as much money as you wanted to this year. Maybe you spent more money than anticipated. Whatever the situation is, the end of the year is always stressful and the pressure of the biggest holiday season looming ahead doesn’t make things any easier. However, there is one thing to look forward to. And, that is the fact that the New Year brings a whole new beginning. A chance to make changes and with the following tips, you can improve your finances for the upcoming year.

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Review Your Spending

When was the last time that you really took the extra time to sit down and see where your money is going? It doesn’t matter if this is something that you do on a monthly or quarterly basis, it is always important to make it a habit so that you can correct any errors early on before they cause major financial damage. A good way to remember to do this is to set a reminder on your phone and set aside at least thirty minutes of your day to take an honest look of where your hard-earned profits are going. It doesn’t even hurt to keep a monthly or weekly ledger of where your money is being spent. Any time you can cut unnecessary costs, you are going to save yourself a bundle of cash.

Set Savings Goals

Now that you know exactly where your money is going, you are in a position to allocate it towards savings. It doesn’t matter if you are allocating that money towards new tires, a dream vacation, home repairs, or even future gifts, you are contributing to the future and that is exactly where you want to be. However, you do not want to just spend this extra money without caution. You and your spouse need to sit down and come up with some kind of savings goal. The Better Credit Blog says it is not enough to have an emergency fund these days you also need to have a savings account.

A High-Interest Savings Account

Speaking of savings accounts, you will without a doubt have a variety of options available to you, but the high-interest savings account is probably your best option. If you just take a few minutes out of your day to research savings accounts and the options available to you it will only take a few minutes to discover that the high-interest savings account can benefit you in a variety of ways. And, thanks to all the technology available these days, you can easily set up a savings account online.

Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report

Credit score and credit reports can impact your daily life more than you think. You have probably seen all the commercials, but you probably still don’t understand the importance of the credit score or credit report. These very scores tell your lenders just how much of a risk you are. If you are a higher risk, you are going to have to dole out higher premiums. Sure, these systems are closely monitored, but humans monitor them, which means there is always a potential for errors.

These errors could be costing you big. Make sure that you pull your credit score and check it against your reports. Don’t be too surprised if you find charges or overdue rates that don’t connect with your current reports. Getting these marks scratched from your report could save you huge amounts in interest rates.

Learn To Make Extra Money

If you want to get ahead of the financial game, you are simply going to have to learn how to supplement your income. This might mean taking on a part-time job or this might mean putting in more hours in the office. It could even mean evaluating your current worth. There are a number of websites online that will help evaluate what you are worth. This could provide you with the proof and evidence that you need to argue a raise a work. Remember that there are also a number of investment options available out there.

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