How to Leverage EDDM Marketing for a Small Business


Small businesses face a wide range of challenges. As a business owner, you need to hire the right people, increase sales, file taxes, and provide good customer service to retain their limited customer base.

Marketing has become a necessity for every business to increase and maintain their visibility to the target audience. However, due to limited marketing budgets and tools, small businesses struggle to handle their marketing. This article discusses how you can leverage EDDM marketing to grow your small business.

What Is EDDM Marketing?

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It is a postal marketing service provided by the United States Postal Mail Service. EDDM marketing can be a useful tool for small businesses to get the word out about their business in a cost-effective manner. It allows you to target a geographical area and attract customers.

How Does EDDM Marketing Work?

EDDM marketing is simple. There are no mailing lists or any reference database of customers. With EDDM, small businesses can send mailers to every house on a specific route. The US Postal Service allows you to select and target mail routes.

This marketing approach is straightforward. It does not require small businesses to have their audience’s name, addresses, and contact information. The EDDM marketing sends mailers to everyone on your chosen mail route.

What Can You Send Through EDDM Marketing?

With providers like Catdi Printing, you can send flat mailers through EDDM. The mailer could contain brochures, postcards, or flyers. The USPS portal allows small businesses to create marketing campaigns or use a local or online printing service to handle printing and mailing direct mail pieces.

Who Can Use EDDM Marketing?

EDDM marketing is primarily used by small businesses like retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, electricians and plumbing contractors, medical professionals, home services, and financial services, to name a few.

How To Leverage The Power of EDDM marketing?

USPS allows you to send a flat mailer to a targeted geographical area for a small fee. The postal department enables small businesses to get creative in their mailers to attract customers. According to experts like Catdi Printing, small businesses can send business cards, greeting cards, door hangers, postcards, and a wide range of printed material to their prospective customers.

Small businesses can use a web design company to create marketing materials that meet the business’ needs. The EDDM program allows small businesses to send local mailers at a flat rate of $1.83 per card. Small businesses can use the EDDM marketing program to send special offers or discount coupons to locals in their area. They can ship almost anything that fits into flat mailer criteria.

The flyers could include easy reading business phone numbers, sale dates, or addresses. When creating marketing mailers, make sure it contains a strong call to action statements and promotes time-sensitive sales and promotions in the right manner.

Tips for Creating Great EDDM Campaigns

You can use any online printing platform or a local print shop to give shape to your EDDM marketing campaign. Here are a few tips for creating a powerful and effective EDDM campaign.

  • Large Mailer format gets instant attention. The large-format also sets your mailer apart and invokes curiosity in the recipient.
  • Good visuals deliver the message to the point. Hence, it would help if you focused on using embossing, foil stamping, soft-touch coating, and high gloss UV materials to create mailers. Ensure every mailer piece is unique and eye-catching, making a powerful sensory experience enough to follow the call-to-action.
  • Keep the headline large to attract attention. EDDM marketing mailers only have a few seconds to deliver the message, so make it count. It would help if you had an attractive headline in a large format to generate curiosity and encourage individuals to read the full mailer.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words. It instantly delivers the message. It would help if you designed the mailer on the principle of “less is more.” Hence, it would help if you focused on using photos and illustrations wherever possible. To get the reader’s attention, use infographics, crisp graphics to make your marketing piece stand out.
  • Interactive elements in the mailer can be used to drive engagement. You can feature like Scratch-Offs to reveal discount codes and giveaways.
  • Make the call-to-action easy to follow. The call-to-action depends on what you want the customer to do next after reading the mailer- Do you want the customer to call? Do you want the customer to visit the store on a specific date? Do you want the customer to visit your website? The call-to-action should be clear and precise.

To sum up, the budgetary constraints should not stop small businesses from spreading the word about their business. EDDM is a great marketing tool that allows you to reach a local audience traditionally. It  might be more effective than digital marketing messages that get lost in “Noise.”


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