How to Pursue a Career as an Electrician


Are you about to graduate and still have no idea about the future? Unlike other high school graduates, you are least interested in attending university. Besides, you don’t like to work for others, so taking a job at a local shop is not your cup of tea.

So, you came up with a plan to analyze every career option you could possibly choose from (or took an online career guidance test) and ended up with the option of becoming an electrician. Nevertheless, you are in a dilemma, whether it will be a fruitful career choice or not.

If you ask us, being an electrician is a highly-respected profession, and if you are considering it as your career, believe us, you are selecting a bright future for yourself. If you want to find out how? Keep scrolling through.

Opportunity to Learn Specialised Skills

To be an electrician requires great knowledge of math and physics. Along with that, you need to get electrical training to learn the specialized skills required to be an electrician. As an electrician, you’ll face new challenges every day for which you need expertise and brilliant problem-solving skills. It also saves you from getting bored with monotonous tasks.

Moreover, you’ll also save hundreds of dollars spent on expensive college fees and will not be burdened with any student loan.

Jobs are Easily Available

According to a recent report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for electrician jobs is expected to rise by 20% by the year 2022. It implies that you need not worry about not getting the job after completing your training.

Furthermore, if you don’t like to work under any other person, you can start a sole-proprietor business and offer your services to others.

It’s a Well-paid Career Option

Every person wants to earn well. After all, you need money to complete your desires. You’d be surprised to know that the report of the US Department of Labor (May 2019) reveals data that showed ‘electricians earn around $50,000 to $60,000 every year’.

As you’ll start to gain more experience, your salary will start to rise as well (more than $85,000 p.a.). With this salary, you will be able to upgrade your standard of living and will also have job satisfaction.

High Chances of Growth in the Industry

Unlike other skilled professions, being an electrician will give you opportunities to grow in the industry. You can start your career as a journeyman electrician and work on independent projects for repairing intricate electrical issues and wiring installations to gain more experience in the field.

After getting enough experience, you can appear for a state or national exam to become a master electrician. Once you have become a licensed master electrician, you can manage other apprentices under your supervision.

Besides, electricians have different classifications such as Residential, Low voltage, commercial and industrial electricians for you to choose from to start your career.

The Bottom Line

We understand that selecting a career can be very stressful as your whole life depends upon the path you choose after high school graduation.

However, we want to assure you that if you choose your career as an electrician, you need not worry about anything as you’ll master a skill that is not easy, every person will respect you and of course, you’ll earn very well.


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