How to Start a Rewarding Career in Trucking


For many, the chance to take their career on the road is an enticing one. It can capture a sense of freedom and independence, all while traversing some of the most beautiful roads the country has to offer.

Moreover, with the amount of searching and dedication, the salary can quickly become another fantastic incentive, particularly with the right amount of experience.

If the prospect of adventure on the open road has you hooked, here are some points you might wish to consider should you mean to progress along a rewarding career path in trucking.

Who is the Right Fit?

If the thought of grinding away in the office every day is enough to put you off your breakfast, or you feel as though you are most at home when you find yourself in transit, trucking might be a perfect fit.

Many truckers spend a vast amount of time away from home, especially on long-haul trips that may take several days driving, all with no company but their own.

This solitude can be tranquil at times and raucous at others and is one of the reasons people decide to go for the job in the first place. In addition, the lone wolf lifestyle can be a refreshing alternative for anyone feeling disillusioned about the modern workplace (even if that is the home office).

Getting a License

Getting a CDL (commercial driver license) is a necessity in the United States, so it is certainly worth starting there and figuring out where you need to go to apply.

The requirements for a CDL can change slightly based on the state in which you apply for it, such as minimum age, how long you need to have held a regular driving license, and how long you will need to wait for the test.

Getting a license can be difficult, as it requires you to pass several practical and theoretical tests, but it is worth it in the long-term, like most challenging endeavors.

How to Find Work

Trucking is one the most integral parts of the economy, as without the ability to transport goods around the country, shelves would start to look alarmingly bare, eventually leading to a potential halt in the entire system.

Despite this, there has been a shortage of truck drivers for a while, so finding work should not be too much of a problem wherever you happen to be.

There are fantastic online tools available at, which can help you find work using a load board. This can be an efficient way of searching for loads that fit your specific requirements without any hassle.

There are seemingly countless fields of work and industries that will require the services of a skilled trucker, so taking to the internet and searching job boards and forums or even contacting your favorite companies directly may be the best way forward.

Making Connections

Making important connections can be valuable to your career in the trucking world, as this will likely be the way you can start moving on to bigger and better jobs.

In this regard, keeping in contact with your fellow truckers throughout your travels can be highly beneficial in the long term.


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