How to Stay Relevant on Social Media Sites: Top 5 Tips


Are your business social media accounts not seeing many likes or comments? With so many brands on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it can be hard to stay relevant and keep your followers engaged.

Without an effective social media strategy, you may find your account dwindling in popularity. No company wants to appear unpopular on social media, as it can impact your sales and click-throughs.

If you’re wondering how your company can stay relevant on social media, keep reading for five top tips.

1) Be Authentic

When it comes to social networking sites, authenticity is key. If your followers don’t see you as genuine and real, they’re likely to lose interest in your brand.

Stay true to your brand values, be honest, and admit if your company makes a mistake—it is sure to be noticed and appreciated by your followers.

2) Engage with Followers

Use your social sites as a way to engage, network, and collaborate with your followers. Post thought-provoking ideas, answer their questions, acknowledge top fans, and thank supporters.

Consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to brands, so make sure yours stays relevant by engaging with your customers online.

3) Post Only High-Quality Images

Social media is big on visual content, so only put your best foot forward. Post your highest quality photos, videos, and images, as you need to look your best.

Blurred or amateur-looking photos won’t cut it, as your company’s social media needs to look professional.

4) Post Regularly Across All Social Media Sites

Make a list of social media platforms and create a plan for each site—you need to post regularly, even daily, to stand out online.

You may also want to tailor your content to special events, times of the year, or newsworthy stories—check out these tips to see how you can plan your social media calendar for autumn.

5) Analyze Your Content Frequently

How do you know if you’re doing well on social media? You need to analyze your content on a regular basis to find out.

This will let you see your best-performing posts, along with total numbers of comments, shares, and likes. There are a lot of helpful social media analytics tools, like Hubspot and BuzzSumo that can do this for you.

By analyzing your socials, you can look for trends over time, working out which types of posts perform the best, plus the best time of day to post to get the widest reach.

Stay Relevant on Social Media with These Top Tips

If you want to stay relevant across all of your social media sites, use the tips above. They can help you keep your followers interested and engaged with your brand, ensuring they don’t forget about you!

Having a solid social media marketing strategy is essential for any brand, large or small, so work on yours today to keep your brand relevant and popular.

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