How to Use Promotional Clothing as a Marketing Tool


When it comes to effective marketing tools, there is no shortage of options available to businesses today. In most cases, it’s not a matter of using just one marketing tool or technique; instead, it’s a complete strategy that embraces several strategies. This is how companies go about maximising their efforts and outreach.

As your business looks to expand its current marketing efforts, it may be time to look into using promotional clothing as an effective tool. Here are some tips on how you can go about using promotional clothing, and why it can be so effective.

Take Full Advantage of Customisation Features

One of the most important features in using promotional clothing as a marketing tool is the fact that you can customise the items to suit the company’s needs and messaging. You want to stay consistent when it comes to displaying the company’s name and logo but, outside of that, you can customise other features of the clothing. Perhaps you have a new product line or launch, or a staple product that you want to push – here’s a chance to include that in the messaging on the clothing.

Even Low Volume Orders Can be Addressed

Sometimes a company will hold back on promotional clothing simply because they don’t have a large volume order to place. The good news is that low volume orders can be done, and at affordable rates. Screen Textiles is a company that specialises in wholesale activewear and is known for its exceptional embroidery and printing. One of its offerings is vinyl printing or t-shirt transfer printing, which is ideal for low volume orders since it is so cost-effective. And the best part is that there is no sacrifice to the quality.

It Can Still Be Cheaper than Traditional Marketing Techniques

And here’s another interesting fact: customised promotional clothing is still often cheaper than the traditional marketing techniques that companies use. If you’re focused on your return on investment (ROI), promotional clothing can be the way to go.

Build Brand Awareness in an Effective Manner

What promotional clothing does well, is build brand-awareness. This is important for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have a massive marketing budget or start-ups that are desperately trying to get the word out. Each time someone wears your promotional clothing, it is a form of free advertising.

Build Team and Company Spirit

Finally, there is the fact that promotional clothing helps to build team spirit – a feeling of togetherness. This is a positive impression that can take the company far in terms of building its reputation. It can be helpful if employees are also wearing promotional clothing, especially when attending industry or public events.

It Makes Good Sense to Use

Promotional clothing should be seen as a budget-friendly, easy-to-use, effective tool in your marketing arsenal. While it won’t do the job on its own, it certainly works as an excellent complement to other marketing techniques and campaigns. It’s well worth looking into and embracing for companies of various sizes.


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