Importance of Document Control in a Quality Management System


Are you among the organizations that maintain documentation only to comply with the regulations? Then you are doing it all wrong. You should try using a document control system from ETQ, and you’ll see fast results. Documentation should not be done for compliance purposes only. It is a critical process that organizations must streamline to ensure the transfer of authentic and accurate information among the teams. For organizations, information is power and can provide them with a competitive edge. Well-maintained documents can be transformed into valuable information and insights for people to make informed decisions. A document control system makes the management of files more efficient and enables organizations to comply with regulatory and quality management systems. Document control systems provide various benefits to organizations. These benefits demonstrate the value of document control for quality management businesses.

Time and Energy Saving

Workers within any organization spend considerable time searching for information, which takes up a lot of their time and energy. Considering this, the documentation should be organized and accessible to all stakeholders. The employees should not feel the need to spend hours digging through emails or downloading files. A document control system enables organizations to streamline documentation, making it easier for individuals to identify bottlenecks and issues.

Improve Quality Control

Every organization wants its employees to have the autonomy to make decisions. Therefore, organizations give their employees the flexibility to do whatever they want. On the other hand, organizations want quality and consistent results. Organizations expect employees to be productive and produce results regardless of the employees’ decisions. Therefore, there should be cohesion among the teams and shared goals to work towards achieving the organization’s goals. The document control system enables the employees to achieve the goals by maintaining reports that are accessible to team members.

Elimination of Redundant or Duplicate Work

It is not uncommon for a team begins to work on a project only to find out that another team has already completed it. This occurs primarily due to a lack of documentation. Organizations should document past projects and share this information with the stakeholders. It will save their precious time. Instead of working on the same tasks, the employees can learn from the previous projects and channel their efforts elsewhere.

Keeping Teams Aligned

Information is power. Knowledge and information enable the employees to be more productive. However, there is one thing that is even more powerful than knowledge shared knowledge. Organizations can achieve success if information passes through the organization freely. Shared knowledge and expertise can help the departments or teams within the organization to be on the same page. This can happen through the document control system.


Organizations need to streamline their documentation not only to meet the regulatory or compliance requirements but to share information and knowledge among the organization. Therefore, a document control system has a positive impact on quality management. ETQ has made documentation easier and accessible by offering organizations a smarter document control system.


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