Interview Videos – What You Need to Know


Interview videos have become a crucial instrument for brands wishing to add a human touch to video marketing. Though filming interviews might seem simple, it is more than just a person, some questions, and a camera. There are a number of other factors that go into making an effective customer video interview. The way a video is presented to an audience can play a significant role in how effective and trustworthy it is perceived.

So, when you need to make interview videos, you should hire a reputed production company with expertise in film and corporate video production. And once you give them a crisp and yet clear video production brief, they will share a reasonable quote that perfectly matches your budget. But before you proceed, here’s what you need to know about interview videos.

What is an Interview Video?

An interview is typically a structured conversation involving one person asking questions related to a specific subject and the other answering them. While interview videos are everywhere now, from talk shows, news channels to social media, the preferred video style is ideally up, close and personal.

A leading production agency can film an interview, ensuring the video fits all your requirements. You will have to brief the experts, covering all the necessary details associated with the video production, to ensure the final product takes your brand places.

Types of Interview Videos

Interview videos can be of various types, such as talking heads, conversational and remote. Though it is an interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee, there is a subtle difference in every case.

Video production experts precisely know which specific interview video type will suit your requirement. For example, while they will create the video using the talking head style for an unscripted interview, they will also suggest a conversational kind for a more casual discussion to maintain authenticity.

But your video production brief should include aspects such as the location where you wish to film the interview, etc. Such details will help them make the right decision without exceeding your budget.

Where to Use Interview Videos?

While interview videos can be a resourceful tool to explain your products, they are sure to attract an extensive customer base.

You may use them on your company website, social media, emails, and other online media platforms that now have a better reach. Leading professionals can guide with the video positioning, which will create trust among the new clients watching the interviews. For instance, they would recommend including the interview videos of your customers on the landing page.

Depending on where you wish to use the interview video, you may provide visual reference specs, such as the editing structure, while briefing the production agency. It will help them create interview videos that will yield the best results when used on the respective platforms.

Filming an Interview

For your part, you need to know the purpose of filming the interview, find the interviewees with expertise in your niche, and prepare well-researched questions.

You may then discuss the best interview video type and technical aspects, such as camera movement, colour grading, graphics, and voiceover, etc., with the consultants.

Top specialists check for these details in your briefing and work on the technical requirements to film an interview that meets your aspirations of brand marketing.

Advantages of Interview Videos

While sincere interview videos can essentially boost your customer’s trust and make them understand your offerings, they are also great for repurposing. Also, it is more convenient to film an interview; all you require is a camera, tripod, and microphone.

Experienced professionals require a precise briefing, which explains your audio, camera, location setup preferences, required outputs, and deliverable deadlines. You can experience the benefits of interview videos only when you are clear with these requirements.

Work on Creating a Perfect Video Production Briefing Template

Video production is scalable. You may achieve high production value with more significant investments.

However, considering your budget, provide your briefing for video production to the reputed professionals when you wish to film an interview. Rest assured, while they will handle the technical aspects. The interview video will ensure your brand gets recognized globally.

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