Key Benefits of G-Suite Email Backup Plans


G-Suite is an integrated suite of secure and cloud-collaboration-powered apps to help businesses of all sizes. This software suite allows businesses to collaborate more efficiently and enhance productivity. The G-Suite contains Gmail, Keep, Hangouts, Slides, Google+, Sheets, Docs, Drive, and Calendar.


Importance of Email to Businesses

Email is the primary communication tool in the corporate world. It is used for internal communication, marketing to customers, customer support, and external communications. Email communications contain business-critical data for business continuity.

Electronic mail backup helps businesses prevent data loss by allowing businesses to restore email content that might be lost or deleted. Here are the key benefits of G-Suite email backup plans.

Prevent Loss of Data

Email can be sent and received instantly, which is why it is a preferred mode of communication. If you think your Gmail email is backed up, you are wrong. There are several reasons your Gmail messages might get lost. You accidentally delete or move them. Some filters also make the Gmail messages disappear.

When messages disappear, all related communication and attached files are also lost. For example, if a particular message thread is lost, you will lose all business communication that was part of the thread and not a single message.

Email backup plans will back up and archive your messages in the cloud. It means even if these messages get deleted from your inbox accidentally, you always have an option to restore the Gmail messages from backup and access them.

Automated Backup

Email backups are automated. When you select a backup plan, you get the option to choose the frequency of backup. Once the backup plan is set up, the cloud-based service will take an automated backup of your messages at specified intervals. The service works in the background, and you do not have to follow any procedure to create an email backup.

Encrypted Data

Organizations are forever concerned about the security of email communication as they hold sensitive information about businesses. The email messages might contain information about binding contracts or agreements with other companies. The communication might also hold crucial financial details about the business that should not fall into the wrong hands.

Email backup service for G-Suite use full TLS/SSL and AES-256 bit military-grade encryption for the backup. The email messages are encrypted before storing them on the server. In a server hack, the hacker will not access any information stored in email messages, making the hacking attempt futile.

Unlimited Storage

According to the latest data, an average office worker receives 121 messages daily. Imagine a thousand employees receiving 121 messages daily; your email server will receive 121000 emails daily. Storage space can be a big hurdle when considering email backup.

With the G-Suite email backup service, you get unlimited storage. It means your IT department does not have to worry about provisioning new servers to backup your mail. Also, users do not have to delete emails to save storage space. The email backup service can backup all Gmail messages of all G-Suite users in your organization.

Easy Restore

Having a backup is an excellent thing, but restoring Gmail messages is a complicated process. It may affect productivity and business continuity. The G-Suite email back service offers a one-click restore option that makes the restoration of lost emails a breeze.

To sum up, these are critical benefits of using G-Suite email backup plans.


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