Land Rovers and Teslas are the most unreliable cars, Says Watchdog


Reputed vehicle makers Land Rover and Tesla have been named the two prime irresponsible manufacturers. This result came out in a poll that was conducted among thousands of UK drivers. Land Rover, which for many years struggled with reliability issues with its huge 4X4s, was rated as the least dependable brand when it comes to cars. Land Rover is joined by Tesla with its expensive plug-in vehicles that comprise ‘disastrously high fault rates and lengthy garage stays’, as per the consumer watchdog.

Which? ‘s website car survey took place between December 2019 and February 2020, with around 47,013 motorists providing a detailed 12-month report on 55,833 cars they drive. The consumer group found that companies’ diesel cars are more fault-prone than petrol, hybrid, and electric vehicles. The diesel cars would always have faults with their emissions and exhaust systems. Of the 35 different car manufacturers reviewed, Land Rover is the only brand that scored one star out of five for its reliability in newer and older vehicles. It stated that Land Rover takes product quality and efficiency seriously, listens to the customers and improves its cars.

Land Rover has stood out as a diesel-heavy manufacturer. And around 92% of survey respondents who have Land Rover or Range Rover vehicles stated that their cars diesel. However, according to the surveyor website, Land Rover’s reliability goes beyond the fuel it burns. One of the most prevalent issues raised by Land Rover is the frequently occurring gremlins with electronic gadgets in their SUVs. This specifically occurs in mostly two models- the Land Rover’s current Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Velar. The most common issues with the Land Rover models, specifically the Range Rover Velar, were related to the in-car infotainment system.

Many owners complained about the infotainment software that the Watchdog suggested Land Rover recalls these models and fixed them for free. Land Rover is also introducing software to its new products over the air for remote updates without visiting a retailer. ‘Having analyzed the surveyor website’s research, Land Rover understood that around 0.12% of customers who have a Range Rover Velar and 0.22% who own a Range Rover Sport had been surveyed.

Teslas is equally troublesome, as stated by the owners of Tesla cars. The reliability of Tesla has been described as ‘shocking and palpable’ by the Watchdog after reviewing the survey reports. ‘Tesla assumed desirable Tesla Model S saloon and Model X SUV got the lowest possible mark in terms of 0-3-year reliability, as per researchers.

Model 3 by Tesla registered the maximum number of complaints. Tesla owners were they only having their Model 3 cars for only six months before completing the latest Which? survey, the consumer website stated that it was a big enough sample size to rate the vehicle for its reliability. Around 26% of the Model 3 owners noted that the car had at least one problem requiring a mechanic fix-up.

Though these faults were minor, there have been more issues with paintwork and exterior trim problems that required significant fixes. ‘Although not overly frequent, several Tesla vehicle owners also reported problems with its rainwater seals,’ Which? stated. The Tesla owners so far experienced the highest number of fault rates, and the cars have had the lengthiest average garage stays. This overall makes Tesla the least reliable brand.

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