Mil-Spec’s $300,000 Hummer H1 is the most-capable off-roader yet


 Michigan-based automotive company Mil-Spec recently unveiled the most efficient off-road truck- a fully upgraded Hummer H1. The new model 007 H1 which is a custom Hummer, comes with a price tag of $297,541. The specific Hummer H1 model was commissioned by a buyer who wished to treasure the classic H1 exterior appearance with interior and drive upgrades. “The Hummer was an off-road brand that was not focused on that luxury-vehicle experience,” Mil-Spec President Chris Van stated. “We’re giving the Hummer H1 an actual lease on life, and additionally an actual extension on its life.

The 007 H1 has a 500-horsepower turbo-diesel engine that is built in-house, offsetting its 6-piston brake package and a robust six-speed automatic transmission. In comparison, the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha had a 300-horsepower engine. To keep the engine cool, the Duramax V-8 has a traditional clutch and dual electric fans. There are also dual transmission coolers and electric fans to increase the efficiency of the six-speed transmission.

Mil-Spec custom built 007 Hummer H1 off-roader Duramax engine

The $300,000 H1 Hummer has every advanced performance upgrade that Mil-Spec offer, with the timeless Hummer appearance and function intact in the vehicle.

The vehicle has every advanced performance upgrade that Mil-Spec offer, with the timeless Hummer appearance and function intact in the vehicle. It is also fitted with military Humvee heavy-duty axle shafts, portal hubs, integrated hitch, motor mounts, greased carrier bearings, good trailer plugs, driveshafts as well as a reverse camera for efficient functioning. Mil-Spec also replaced the factory four-wheel-drive setting with a transfer case which is mostly found in late-model GM pickup trucks.

An efficient 30-gallon aluminum fuel cell means the vehicle can be taken to lengthy off-roading trips, while the fully integrated steel skid plate smoothes the vehicle on tough terrain. Other unique features of the vehicle include the body paint. The vehicle is first painted in “Onyx” black paint and then covered in a “Deep Sky Black” Kevlar-infused polyurethane exterior coating. Semi-gloss black powder-coated accents then coat the paints. This body paint covers the aerospace-grade aluminum panels explicitly added to the Mil-Spec H1. The vehicle also has a Baja Suspension Package which gives an extra 13″ measure to the ride height, and a set of 38″ Toyo tires that is designed to handle all sorts of off-road conditions. The interior is upgraded with plush “Onyx”-hued Nappa leather covering on all seats, anodized black bezels on the gauge layout, and ultra-designed billet aluminum door lock pull finished in a night-black powder-coat. The Hummer H1 has 16 inches of ground clearance.

Mil-Spec company headquarters are located in Michigan and the manufacturing done in Kansas. Both these places have road salt and corrosions for which this Hummer 1 is a perfect fit. The H1 body structure is prepared with corrosion-resistant bed liner material on the outside and thermal ceramic coating on the inside. The floor of the vehicle is layered with a triple sound-deadening spray, and a mix of marine-grade vinyl and canvas covers the cabin area. The vehicle is designed to be water-resistant.

Mil-Spec Company builds the Hummer and monster trucks in a massive 60,000-square-foot warehouse located in Wichita. It has a 100-acre compound filled with pavement, dirt, and water as test mules and patches for the vehicles. The vehicles were tested in the road patches in 120-degree heat as well as in freezing temperatures. The company spent a year breaking trucks, overheating the vehicles and testing them by putting 500 miles on each truck to make sure the vehicle was sound.

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