Moving Abroad? Here’s How to Store Your Belongings


There are hundreds of reasons why people choose to move abroad: some meet a partner and decide to join them in their native country; others find an exciting job opportunity; while others still choose to study, then stay, in a new country. If you’re thinking about moving abroad, this article is aimed at you. Detailing how you can organize to store all your belongings – however large and expensive – this handy guide will help you to get your affairs in order before you make your exciting move to a new country.

Sorting Through Your Things

If you own a large volume of furniture and larger household appliances, then you’re immediately going to be thinking about either storing them or selling them. You’ll need a good few weeks to organize the sale of a fridge or a sofa, so if you’re short on time, it’s best to head straight to a storage center within which you’ll be able to leave your larger household items.

But then there are other items that you might like to have accessible at short notice, and others that you might even like to fly over to your new country with you. Clothing clearly fits into this category, as well as other personal items that you tend to use every week. Make sure you’re separating these possessions from one another in order to have access to the things you need most in life – including in your new country of residence.

Larger Items

There are other possessions that you might find more difficult to store. For instance, motor heads might possess more than one vehicle that they’ll need to put in safe storage until their return, and these storage units are usually more expensive than your typical storage box. That’s especially true if you’re trying to store valuable motorbikes and cars that you’d like protected from the elements until your return.

Then there are other large possessions, like the boat that you have moored at your local marina. You’re not likely to be able to keep it there unmanned for some time, so you might prefer to head over to to find boat storage that you can be confident will keep your boat safe until your return. You can store any item relatively locally – you just need to find the right space for it.

Trusted Persons

Finally, you’ll need to decide who has access to your storage space when you are abroad. There are items that you might need – like those stored in your filing system, or extra clothing – which you could ask a friend or family member to excavate for you. Here, the importance of organizing your storage space in advance becomes clear, given that you’ll want that trusted person to be able to find your possessions quickly.

It’s usually wise to have that trusted person take a look with you at your storage space before you fly abroad, so that they know what they’re taking care of, under lock and key, until your return. With this organized, you’ll be free to fly to your new home country.

Moving abroad needn’t be a chore, as this article outlines.


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