Moving Abroad? How to Sell Your Home Fast and at a Great Price


Moving overseas is a big decision but you should surely go ahead if the prospects are good. However, there is much that you would need to do back home before relocating. Selling your home would probably be the toughest aspect because you would want to do it fast yet get a good value for the property. Both can be challenging because of the slow real estate market, particularly when you need to sell urgently. Still, you shouldn’t panic because there are some ways you can achieve the goal of selling fast and at a great price. Let us share some insights that can help.

Be prepared for tight timelines

There’s a difference when it comes to changing houses locally or doing it when relocating to another country. There will be countless other things to handle, from managing visa formalities to looking after the documentation, making arrangements for a fresh start in another country, and even learning a new language. So, you need to be prepared for the tight timelines and start with the selling process well in advance. A head start always makes sense because it saves you from the hassles and stress of last-moment selling, when you may have to settle even for a lowball offer.

Start with a plan and realistic expectations

Proper planning and realistic expectations can make all the difference to nailing a good deal well in time. Before you go to the real estate market, set out clear expectations and non-negotiables for the deal. Decide factors such as the lowest price you would be willing to take, the amount you would be willing to spend on home improvement, and the duration you would be willing to stay elsewhere after selling. Knowing these things well in advance will save you from bad decisions in a hurry.

Look for buyers at the right places

Selling a house can take a lot of time because the typical process requires much work, from listing the property to showing it, cracking a deal, and finishing the paperwork. Though involving a broker can speed up things, it may not work if you want to sell fast. Things can get even tougher if the place needs repairs and you don’t have time to invest in them. The biggest concern would be how to Sell My House Fast without spending a dollar on repairs or renovation. The answer is to look for a cash buyer who is willing to take your house in the current condition. The process is simple and hassle-free and saves money on commission.

Sweeten the deal with incentives

Another good idea for closing the sale of your house before moving overseas is by incentivizing the buyer. It is simple- just offer them the furniture and furnishings along with the house because you wouldn’t be able to take them along in any case. You may consider selling them separately but the effective price you would get by adding them to the house can be better.

Being able to dispose of your property at a good price can make you stress-free and secure you financially as you move to another country. Following these pieces of advice can definitely help.


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