Netherlands rent vs buy small house vs buy big house


Info about the netherlands: Currently the housing market in the
netherlands is booming for starters houses. In smaller places
houses that were 200k a few years ago are currently in the high
200’s and some even hit the 300k. In smaller places ouses that were
450k a few years ago are still around 450k. It is just the starters
houses that sky rocketed.

Currently i am a starter with a good saving, salary and the want
for living on his own. No girlfriend so im shouldering all the
costs. Any tips about my living situation?

My options are: 1 renting which i can easily pay but think is a
waste of money. 2 buying a small house that seems like a waste of
money due to the increase of costs for small houses. 3 buy a big
house which will take max mortgage.

Advantage option 1: small and i like small places. Able to move
out easily and going to another location. I am however not seeing
myself move away from my city. Disadvantage option 1: expensive and
“throwing” money away to rent.

Advantage option 2: nice to be a home owner. Similar cost to
rent but now instead of payjng some landlord i am paying of my
mortgage. Small and i still like small places. Disadvantage: for
some more i could have a bigger house which would be nice foe the
future since i do want to start a family in the future. Its also at
the peak of costs for the past many years. Unsure whether i can
sell it for a similar price.

Advantage option 3: home owner. I own a huge house for the
future. If i sell it in the future, it will probably have a similar
or higher value. Disadvantage: took high mortgage. Until i have a
family i live in a huge house on my own. My city is to small to do
subrenting so yhat is not a possibility.

What do you guys think?

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