Online PALS Certification: Everything You Need to Know


Online courses are extremely beneficial for people who work daily, students, and professionals seeking career advancement. This is a wonderful way to attend classes. Plus, due to the current pandemic, online courses are even more appealing.

As a health care professional, you’re busy and overwhelmed. The last thing you want to do is head off to a class for your recertification, so you’re considering online certification. Here is everything you need to know and consider before getting your PALS recertification online.

What is Online PALS Certification?

Online PALS certification is a simple, online method to recertify yourself for (PALS) Pediatric Advanced Life Support and (ACLS) Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It entails the same certification that you would receive with in-person courses. These certified courses are also aligned with the American Heart Association’s guidelines. This means that almost any employer will most likely be accepting of this form of certification.

Through this course, you learn how to help patients under medical distress. This medical distress ranges from requiring resuscitation from cardiac arrest to helping patients who are undergoing respiratory failure. PALS certification is especially important if you’re a medical professional that works with pediatric patients so that you are well-prepared for potential pediatric emergencies. It ensures you are up to date on best health practices and that you are equipped with the latest science for emergency response.

What Does it Look Like?

If you’re committed to online certification, you might be wondering what exactly this looks like. For starters, all of your courses will be conducted virtually with no need to go into a classroom, at any point in time, for your certification. These courses are all taken online while prioritizing skills assessment through virtual exams.

You have access to your online courses at any time, allowing you the flexibility to start and stop lectures or courses without a time limit. This PALS course also allows you to retake exams with instant grading. You will then receive a hard copy of a card that shows your credentials from the completed course.

Reputable Certification Companies

You want to make sure you find a company that’s nationally accredited when looking to get your PALS recertification online. The ideal choice to receive your PALS recertification online is through eMedCert. Their PALS certification courses are the perfect option for busy nurse practitioners, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals because it allows for 24/7 access to the course materials.

Another great reason to go with eMedCert, is that their online certification is valid without an expiration date for two and they offer affordable prices. Another great benefit of this specific PALS recertification is that you also receive credits (4.0 CME) for medical professionals if you’re interested in advancing your career.

What are the Perks of Online Courses?

There are many great benefits to taking your recertification course online. Online certification lets you take necessary courses all from the comfort of your own home. This method takes away some of the excess stress that comes with having to sit in class for hours, and it’s also great for anyone who struggles with test anxiety. This is because your final exam allows you to have control over your environment. Another perk is that you can save a lot of time and money on commuting and lectures. Online certification program courses are the best way to create a work-life balance

As you consider your need for a PALS recertification course, be sure to head to their site and sign up for eMedcert’s PALS recertification today. This way, you can become certified and explore the potential to advance your career on your own terms.


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