PC or Mac: Which Is Better for Your Small Business?


Nearly every business of every size needs a computer. There are thousands of different types of computers designed to meet the demands of a small business. The toughest part is figuring out which one is best for you!

One of the most common dilemmas businesses face is choosing between Windows vs MacOS for their computer operating systems. Both offer amazing benefits to help you, your employees, and your business succeed! Conversely, they each have their set of drawbacks that might hinder your workflow.

As you research more between the two operating systems, you’ll find different industries have their favorites. Many graphic designers, for example, love their MacOS while many IT specialists prefer their Windows operating systems.

Honestly, you can run any business on either system. Finding the right one is up to you and your personal preferences. Here’s a closer look at Windows vs MacOS and how to find which is better for your small business.

Pros & Cons of MacOS

MacOS is a computer operating system designed by Apple, loosely based on the Unix system. The MacOS system is popular for its user-friendly interface complete with a consistent look and feel. Many people and businesses love how easy and intuitive this operating system is to learn.

Sleek Intuitive Design

One of the most apparent pros to MacOS is its sleek, modern, and streamlined appearance. Everything is easy to find and the response times of this operating system are fast.

Apple devices can also communicate and share work virtually. Handoff, AirDrop, and several other MacOS features make workflow between workstations and mobile phones seamless and effortless.

Less Prone to Viruses

Viruses are a major cause of slower business productivity and higher costs. MacOS is less vulnerable to viruses and cyber attacks partly due to how Apple controls its operating system.

This doesn’t mean your Mac won’t ever experience a cyber-attack or virus. You should still invest in quality cybersecurity. Your business, however, will find viruses and cyber-attacks are less likely to occur.

Preferred by the Creative Industry

Your business’s industry may influence whether you go with Windows vs MacOS. Nearly everyone in the creative industry, for example, loves their MacOS. MacOS is almost a creative industry standard due to the high number of businesses that use it.

Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite

MacOS comes complete with its own set of office suite apps. These include Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and Notes. While these work great, some users prefer to use Microsoft Office’s traditional Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other features.

The good news is Microsoft Office Suite is compatible with MacOS. You can download Microsoft Office for Mac with ease and start using it right away.

Greater Cost

One of the most well-known drawbacks of MacOS vs Windows is the price tag. While MacOS computers pack a punch with their powerful processors, crisp graphics, and sleek design, they are not cheap. You can find many reputable PCs with similar specs for much less.

If working within a tight budget is an important concern for your business, you may want to consider another computer option.

Limited Selection

The only company manufacturing MacOS machines is Apple. This means your selection of MacOS computers is limiting along with the design and configuration of the machine.

This problem continues if you happen to break a charging cord or keyboard. You’ll have to pay a high price for an Apple replacement or take your chances for a more affordable 3rd party option.

No Touchscreen Hybrids

Have you tried looking for a touchscreen MacOS computer but failed to find anything? The reason is they don’t exist with Apple. If you want a touch screen or something foldable, you’ll need to turn to the iPad or a Windows option.

Pros & Cons of Windows

Windows operating systems fit a range of multi-purpose personal computers or PCs. It’s also one of the most successful operating systems developed by Microsoft. One of the biggest advantages of a Windows operating system is it gives users more control over their computers.

Windows OS Is Affordable

One of the most appealing aspects of Windows computers is their affordability. You can find a sleek powerful Windows computer for a fraction of the cost of a MacOS. The main reason for this affordability is there are multiple PC producers and a lot of competition.

Many producers will manufacture PCs and license Windows as the operating system. The lower cost is ideal for small businesses looking for a cost-efficient option for their computers.

Everyone Knows Windows

Due to Windows’s popularity, most people have some working understanding of how to use a Windows interface. If you present your employees with MacOS computers you’ll likely have several who’ve never used MacOS before.

This is in part to MacOS computers not being as widely adopted. With Windows computers, it’s unlikely you’ll need to train your employees on how to use their new computers.

Customizable & Versatile

You can build and customize your own Windows PC. This includes everything from the type of hardware you want to the software or accessory you want to include. You can add memory with a do-it-yourself RAM upgrade rather than replacing the computer or getting an external hard drive.

More Virus Attacks

If you don’t have the proper cybersecurity, your Windows computer is more vulnerable to viruses and other cyber attacks. You will have to purchase quality computer security if you don’t want to risk a data breach or stolen information. You’ll also need to regularly update your operating system to keep up with new security patches.

Pay for Software

When it comes to software between Windows vs MacOS, Windows doesn’t come with any free or preloaded software. You’ll need to purchase or pay a monthly fee for most of the software you’ll use on your computer.

Windows vs MacOS, Which Do You Prefer?

When choosing between Windows vs MacOS for your small business, there are a lot of items to consider. If you need a computer that most people are familiar with and cost less, Windows is the better option. If appearances, intuitive interfaces, and security are important to you and business, then MacOs will be the right fit.

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