ProjectPro Review

What is ProjectPro?

Projectpro provides you with verified, reusable project solutions from industry experts. 105,000+ Developer community 250+ Projects and Recipes 80,000+ Lines of verified reusable code 55+ Industry experts 1.2 million Hours of time saved We partner with industry experts to make projects that are industry ready


  • his is the only product in the world that provides pre-built, verified, end-to-end project recipes in Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Impress your boss by having on-demand access to pre-built, reusable project solutions using the latest frameworks like Tensorflow, PySpark, BERT etc
  • Get assigned to hot projects in Machine Learning and Big Data in your company and have the confidence to work on these projects with the help of our reusable solutions.
  • Impress your job interviewers with implementation knowledge on a variety of real world live projects.
  • Reduce the time you spend on your projects by 60% by reusing our verified code solutions.
  • Overcome your fear of getting stuck in a live project and no one to help you and having a tight delivery deadline. You will find reusable solutions to many common business problems in our library.
  • Each project is end-to-end all the way from data sourcing, ingestion, data analysis, visualisation and deployment.
  • With an easy enrolment option get the expertise of top Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers from companies such as Uber, Netflix, Yahoo, Paypal etc.
  • Stay updated in the latest Big Data and Machine Learning tools being launched every week. We launch 3-5 projects every month.

Data Science Projects :Beginner to Professional

So you are a data scientist, or you are on the learning path of becoming one, and you started looking for a job in this domain. This is not easy, and might be you need to apply to several data scientist jobs before getting one. You can continue learning as many theoretical concepts in data science and machine learning as you want, but what’s the use if you cannot apply them to real-world problems.

Let us suppose you are learning the concept of classification than just reading and understanding the theory does not help, you should actually pick up a small dataset and then build a classification model using either Python, R or any other programming language. Even if you learn advanced concepts in theory like Stochastic gradient or gradient descent would you ever know how and when to apply these concepts unless you practice it? Our panel of industry experts strongly suggest that working on data science projects with real data can help professionals looking for a serious paid job in data science. Having data science mini projects on your data science resume will help you show the interviewers what you know.

To land a top gig as a data scientist, you have a dreadful challenge ahead. You will need to master diverse data science skills , ranging from machine learning to business analytics. However, the rewards and perks are worth it. If data scientist is the career that you would want to enjoy, then bookmark this page as we have several interesting data science project ideas compiled by our industry experts that will help you master new and impactful data science skills.

Where ProjectPro’s Data Science and Machine Learning Courses help you master data science skills and help sharpen them, building multiple data science mini projects will give you hands-on experience solving real-world problems by applying these skills. Designed by industry experts, ProjectPro’s data science projects for beginners are a great way to kickstart your journey to become a data geek and build a marketable data science portfolio.

ProjectPro’s data science mini-projects in Python and R cover diverse industry use cases and you are definitely going to find something that you love or a problem you would want to solve and use your knowledge to do it. Each data science project will let you practice and apply the skills that you have learned in ProjectPro’s Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Courses. In every Python or R data science project you will perform end-to-end analysis, on a real-world data problem, using data science tools and workflows.

As a data science beginner or a student, it can be very difficult to assess which data science projects should actually be done first as a beginner and which projects should be put on the back burner. In choosing what to start with, we have listed the top 10 data science projects for students and beginners that will make learning data science easy. The prime advantage of these data science mini. Projects for beginners is that each one is a complete full-stack data science problem.