Real Estate Promotional Items That Will Get You Noticed


As a real estate agent, your goal is to sell houses in your local market. While it helps to have an online presence, you also need other real estate marketing materials to get you noticed. Having items that you can hand out to potential customers or placing around the town is beneficial. Below are some of the best promotional items to get you noticed.

Business Cards

If there is a real estate marketing product that is tried and true, it’s a business card. Handing this out to clients ensures that they have your contact information when they need to give you a call. Depending on the company you work for, you may have to conform to their rules when it comes to business cards. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it ensures that every agent upholds the company’s branding so that customers can quickly and easily recognize them as being trustworthy.

However, if given the option, you might consider getting a unique business card made. This could include getting a card made in the shape of a house key or a house. This option is a great way to stand out from the competition and ensure that you don’t get filed away with everyone else.


Another way to get yourself noticed when it comes to real estate marketing is to have postcards made. These can be used as a direct mailer and sent to people in the community who might be looking for houses, or you can use them to hand out at your office or other businesses around town.

Since you never know when people might be thinking about buying a new house, placing postcards anywhere and everywhere can be beneficial. For example, you might consider asking a local hardware store if they’d be willing to put your postcards on their counter. You never know when someone might get tired of making repairs to their home and need an agent to help them find a new one.

Placing these at the library can also be beneficial. A variety of different people access this public building, and that might be to find houses for sale. If your information is front and center, you might be the first call they make. In addition, postcards make great bookmarks, and every time a person opens their book to read, they’ll see what you have to offer.

Local Brochure

Most real estate companies put together a brochure or booklet that shows off what houses they currently have for sale. While this can assist in selling properties, there are other options that exist for brochures as well. Publications that contain houses for sale mostly attract people looking to buy houses. If you wish to allure to a wider audience, consider putting together a brochure that highlights local events.

This can be used by anyone, including tourists to the area. You can even create these seasonally to let people know what’s going on year-round. By placing your contact information and branding on the last panel, you’ll still make people aware of the real estate service you offer. They may not be ready right now to buy a new home, but when they are, if they have one of your helpful, local brochures, they’ll know who to contact.

Finding real estate marketing ideas to help your business stand out doesn’t have to be challenging. It’s a good idea to mix both digital and print media, and when it comes to print media, try something new and different to appeal to a wider audience and get noticed.


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