Reasons to Introduce Gift Cards to Your E-Commerce Website


If you run an e-commerce website, you don’t need anyone to remind you how tough it is to keep up with the competition, and if you are looking for ways to boost your online sales, consider launching a few gift card campaigns. The research shows that consumers spend more money when using gift cards, and as we are coming up to the festive season, this is the ideal time to introduce gift cards to your customers.

State of The Art Gift Card Software

It helps to check out some of the software packages designed specifically for gift card promotions. Cutting-edge software incorporates an easy-to-use interface, and with a host of powerful marketing tools at your disposal, you run multiple campaigns across as many websites as you wish.

Creating Your Own Voucher Store

You may be asking yourself, “How can I create and then sell gift vouchers on my website?” Revolutionary gift card software allows you to create your very own voucher store with only a few clicks, and there are many powerful features, such as an automated delivery of email vouchers when customers make purchases.

Features include the following:


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Multi-website use
  • Voucher templates for easy customised design
  • Manage user permissions – You can create your own hierarchy to suit your needs.
  • Email & postal fulfilment
  • Create advanced promo codes


The software developer would offer full staff training and, of course, round-the-clock support, should you ever need their assistance.

Personalised Messages

When one of your customers sends a gift card to someone, they can include a personal message, as this is built into the system, which is a great way to say the right thing to the recipient. The design of your gift cards can easily be customised, or alternatively, you can use one of the many templates created to make design simple.

Swift Payment Gateways

Revenue is quickly transferred into your account, without having to wait, which really does help with cash flow. The automated system means you don’t have to spend time tracking payments, while the developer is with you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the most out of the system.

Run Multiple Campaigns

In order to maximise your chances of boosting revenue, you can run as many gift card campaigns as you wish, and it is so easy to keep track of all your promotions with the easy to navigate interface. There are a number of articles you can find online that tackle on great marketing ideas to boost your online business, which are well worth checking out.

Free Trial

So confident are the developers that you will fall in love with their application, they will offer you a free, no-obligation 30-day trial of their product, and by actually using the system, you will see just how easy it is. Once you have configured the system, there is little to do but monitor and analyse the data using a special feature, and after the free trial period is over, getting on board allows you to continue to use the program.

The above-mentioned tips should help you in using gift cards to improve sales on your e-commerce site.


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