Simple But Practical Tips to Be a Good Bartender


Bartending is one of the most popular gigs, especially for college students working for an extra buck while schooling. Bartending also attracts a range of thrill-seekers, owing to the fun environment, and at times, the perception that it is an easy job. Bartending, however, is a promising position that could satisfy your needs if you know how to navigate the field. Finding ideal positions won’t be such a hassle, especially with online tools. With a simple search engine query, you’ll enjoy an extensive pool of available positions. Finding a job is easy, but keeping it is the real challenge. As you endeavor to keep the position and be a good bartender, here are a few tips that can dramatically help.

Bartending School isn’t worth the money

Accumulating skills in any field through schooling is always a good start, but not as you consider bartending. What you’ll learn from the course might affect your progress, noting that each bar has its unique operating standards. Getting such habits out of your system might take longer than your employer is willing to wait, meaning that you could lose the job. Most bars offer training to get you onboard, and that’s enough to set your bartending quests on the right path.

The basics are the foundation stone

Regardless of the bar you visit, common cocktails are likely served. Understanding those cocktails makes it easier to advance our bartending skills. From Margarita, Martini, and Woo Woo, to mention a few, you need to ensure that you are comfortable around them before you can start working on other combinations.

Customers can be mean

Bartending requires a strong heart. Even when you are not wrong, you’ll encounter harsh treatment now and then. Such situations require you to remain calm and firm. Treat the customer with respect, even if they seem too wasted to avoid escalating the situation. If it gets out of hand, remember that the bouncers are your friend. You should also know when it is time to let your manager handle the situation.

Bartending is a learning curve

Cuts and broken bottles/glasses will characterize the first weeks; don’t let that get in your way. Getting every order right might also take time, but that shouldn’t demoralize you. Getting the hang of it might take a few tries, and the secret is to treat your mistakes as a learning curve, not a failure. Suck it up, try again, clean the mess, and tend to any cuts; it will set you up to better, more cautious and successful bartending quests. With time, you’ll comfortably prepare fancy drinks you didn’t even know existed.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Bartending isn’t a solo quest; sure, you’ll be taking orders and working on your station, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a helping hand. Your colleagues are more than happy to lend a hand, especially during chaotic times, such as during the pick seasons. Bouncers can handle most of the annoyances; you only have to ask. Other bartenders can help you deal with the rapid orders. The secret is developing a healthy relationship with your colleagues to ensure that they’ll be there when you need their help.

Singing along to the music, smiling at customers, and having a good time as you bartend can dramatically improve your progress. It might be a demanding job, but having fun is a part of the job, and with the above tips, your quests to become the best bartender is a lot more manageable.


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