Simple Steps to Ramp Up Small Business Security In 2021


After a challenging 2020, this year brings hope of revival and recovery for small businesses. Many have already reopened, and others have it on the cards sooner rather than later. Right now, business owners are most concerned about securing their workspace and employees from the virus. But it doesn’t mean you can go slack with the physical security of your premises. You may have to go the extra mile because chances of break-ins run high during troubled times. It is the last thing you will want to encounter at this point. Thankfully, some simple measures can help you ramp up premises security without burdening your small business budgets. Let us list them for you.

Investigate the facility before reopening

Months of closure can be risky from the security perspective, but a proactive approach can keep you on the safe side. Start with a complete inspection of the building before going ahead with your reopening plan. You may find potential issues that allow unauthorized access to the premises. It may take a professional repair and maintenance job to address these issues. Invest without thinking twice because security is a priority.

Upgrade windows, doors, and locks

After repairs and maintenance, you can opt for an upgrade for windows, doors, and locks at your premises. It makes sense because there are good chances they may have been compromised during the extended shutdowns. Upgrade them even if everything seems to be good. Choose the toughest glass for the windows and have heavy doors in place. Invest in high-security, commercial-grade locks because they are hard to break.

Go wireless with your security system

You may have a small budget for the project, but a wireless security system should be on top of your wishlist. It will require fewer sensors to work effectively, reducing the clutter of wires in your space. You will need to spend less on labor costs, so you end up saving more than you expect. Having fewer people at your place for installation and maintenance also curbs the risk of infection. Smarten up and do more with less by going wireless!

Regulate access to your premises

Access control becomes essential this year. It helps to keep unauthorized people out of the building to start with. Since the hybrid model becomes the way to operate, access control will help you keep track of employees coming in and going out. It is even more crucial for customer-facing businesses because you will need it to manage foot traffic and prevent crowding inside the premises.

Develop a response plan

Break-ins and security breaches can happen despite the best measures in place. Having a response plan keeps you ready to set things right in such a situation. Moreover, it gives your team a clear vision of the actions they need to take to address a breach. They stay in control and do not panic, making them capable of handling stress better. The response plan should also include a well-defined protocol and roles of people during a crisis.

After covering the physical security front, you must also address cyber threats with proper measures. Most importantly, every business needs a robust virus safety plan right now, regardless of its size and scale.


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