SMS Marketing: How Big Brands Turn Messages into Money


Businesses are always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. Whether it’s the latest tools or strategies, some marketers will try every new trend to improve their campaigns.

In their hunt for the latest and greatest, many companies overlook simple methods. One of these underrated tools is SMS marketing. In this article, you’ll see how some of the most successful brands use text messages to boost their campaigns.

Brands That Used Text Message Campaigns Effectively

Many big brands are beginning to realize how effective text messages can be if they’re integrated into marketing campaigns correctly. Here are a few examples of how well-known companies turned SMS’s into revenue.

Multi-Channel Text Marketing Integration: Domino’s Pizza

One of Domino’s Pizza’s area directors wanted to grow his SMS subscriber list and Facebook group. First, they ran a display advertisement during a basketball game, prompting attendees to send an SMS and receive free pizza. The automatic response directed them to the Facebook group, where they could claim their delicious pie.

Why It Works

By using two different marketing channels for a single campaign, Domino’s Pizza managed to grow their SMS subscriber list by 850 subscribers and their Facebook follower count by 2,000. Now, they have a wider audience for future marketing initiatives.

Do It Yourself

To make a multi-channel strategy work, consider integrating different online and offline platforms to create a single, unified campaign. For example, Mailchimp text messaging integration can grow your SMS and your email subscriber lists, giving you a wider audience for future marketing initiatives.

Member’s Perks: Subway

Subway was one of the first brands to truly commit to SMS marketing, offering more value to subscribers. Today, they have the statistics to prove their success:

  • Five million+ SMS subscribers
  • 85% retention rate
  • 15% of customers buy more frequently
  • 13% of customers spend more money per visit

Why It Works

Subway knows how to offer their customers more value. They use SMS marketing to remind subscribers about specials or to send them limited time offers. Customers love to receive discounts, and the brand found the perfect way to get people coming back regularly.

Do It Yourself

How can you offer more value to your subscribers and turn them into loyal customers? Create an exclusive, members-only type of environment, and make it appeal to your audience.

Website and SMS: Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box does an excellent job of integrating their text and email marketing campaigns with a targeted landing page. The website encourages visitors to provide their contact information and, consequently, unlock coupons.

Why It Works

According to Jack in the Box, their SMS coupon redemption rates are up to 5 times higher than those sent via email. The campaigns also encourage customers to purchase more frequently with the promise of special offers and discounts.

Do It Yourself

Start by determining how you can offer extra value to your subscribers to turn them into repeat customers. Make it easy for them to sign up via your website and use text messages to make it easy for them to take advantage of the offers.

Now It’s Your Turn

There are several ways to boost the results of your marketing campaigns. However, don’t overlook affordable and straightforward tactics, like text messages, which can deliver significant results. Learn from the methods and success of these brands, and you’ll be well on your way to leaving the competition in the dust.


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