Sprucing Up Our Bathroom on a Budget


Note: This post is sponsored by At Home, but all opinions are my
own. Read our disclosure policy here.

Refreshing Our Bathroom on a Budget

Have a space in your home that could use a refresh but don’t
have a big budget to do so? I thought it would be fun to show you
how I spruced up our upstairs bathroom — in just minutes and on a
small budget!

Our upstairs bathroom has been a rather neglected room in our
house ever since we moved in about two years ago. It was the
bathroom that ended up getting all the rejects — the random
towels, the red rug that was castoff from another bathroom, and a
white shower curtain that we didn’t need in any other

While this bathroom is primarily Kathrynne and Silas’
bathroom, it’s also often used by overnight guests who stay in
Kathrynne’s room or by the kids’ friends or adults when we host
groups and they are upstairs in our Bonus Room.

Despite it usually having quite a bit of foot traffic, I just
hadn’t prioritized doing anything with it. So when At Home
contacted me and asked me if I could write a post on refreshing a
bedroom or bathroom on a budget, I knew exactly which space I
should choose!

At Home’s Bed & Bath Event & Clearance Specials

By the way, At Home is currently running a huge Bed and Bath
. If you’ve not been into this store before, it is a
goldmine of deals.

Not only do they have weekly and monthly specials, but they also
have incredible clearance deals. (For instance, right now, our store
had over three full aisles’ worth of Christmas decor that was
marked down 75% off!!)

One of my favorite things that At Home offers is their weekly
. These are often deeply discounted deals for the week and
are usually advertised right at the front of the store.

They have so many items that are available as part of the
Bed and
Bath Event
— and many of them are under $30!

Jesse came with me to shop today. Want to know a true
confession? We only do fancy restaurant date nights about 1-2 times
per year (and usually with gift cards that our parents have given
to us for birthdays or Christmas!).

However, we love going on frugal dates where we go grocery
shopping and to other stores looking for deals!

I ended up deciding to keep it simple and get new towels, hand
towels, and wash cloths. Plus, a rug and shower curtain set.

Before & After Pictures

I’m a little embarrassed to show you these pictures! Since
I’m all about keeping it real, here’s the before of the
bathroom. Like I said, it was badly neglected!

Speaking of keeping it real, notice that there aren’t any
towels on the towel rack? Well, when I went to take the before
pictures, the towel rack was completely empty! (I promise that my
kids do actually take showers! ;))

Usually, the towel rack has some hodge podge of random towels
— and they never match! Again, because this poor bathroom has
just always gotten the leftovers.

Just 15 minutes and a few tiny changes later, the bathroom looks
so much more inviting.

(And yes, the shower curtain probably needs to be ironed.
However, there are two problems. 1) I don’t have an iron. 2) I
figured that the steam from the shower would get those wrinkles out

P.S. I’m torn on keeping the smaller rug in front of
the toilet. Does it look weird there? I can’t decide. I thought
about moving it to in front of the sink area instead. Also, I’d
love suggestions for other simple ways to spruce up this


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