Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Bank’s Software Ecosystem


Running a bank is no small task. You need to have impressive interpersonal communication skills, good time management, great abilities with financial knowledge, and now, the ability to operate a wide range of advanced digital software. Banks are complex, and the functions that go into making them work well have grown and grown over the years, but surprisingly, much of this innovation has helped make banking easier. Still, the number of tasks that go into the proper operation of a bank and ensuring its success is still numerous, which means the tools you need have changed, too.

Among them, as mentioned, are software tools for managing things like cash flow and cash optimization, security software, and many more. With all of these options, it can feel overwhelming, especially for bank branches planning on updating or overhauling their existing systems to more modern technologies. Here are some steps your bank can take to improve what’s known as the business ecosystem, and in this case, with an emphasis on software.

1) Cash optimization

The first thing that banks deal with is money. From digital forms of currency, investments, assets, and cold hard cash, these are the areas of focus that banks need to be always improving on for their ecosystem. Cash optimization, especially for ATM service, is important for maximizing cash flow, so there are no shortages for customers in withdrawals or an imbalance in deposits, along with holding a healthy supply of cash for ATMs. The experts at show how essential cash optimization software and services are for banks, and there are plenty of reasons why. Forecasting for future needs, using analytics to understand user data and ATM usage patterns, and scaling strategies for each machine to optimize cash flow and service are useful for improving bank functions.

2) Security functionality

Security service is a mandatory need for the banking sector. One of the biggest complaints from clients is the lack of reliable security for their banking needs, which leads to a decrease in trust, lapses in protection, and an unstable service. Security functionality with updated software measures is always a must. The improvement to physical location security is always a need, but as finances move further and further into the realm of digital banking, security is an issue for many. Multi-step verification processes, SSL encryption, biometrics support, and integrated anti-virus are steps that need to be included in well-functioning bank software ecosystems. The safer a bank is and its components (ex. software), the better the services will run without interruption, maintaining balance in this ecosystem.

3) Mobile support

Again, the need for a good banking ecosystem is dependent on the features a bank can offer. The need for mobile support is necessary for supplying a well-rounded service for clients, investors, and anyone with a vested interest in your branch. Mobile support comes from the top-down as an effort to integrate more services, so this isn’t about you creating the app and coding all of the features yourself. What’s important is making it clear that mobile support and supporting these changes is a core tenant for improving client services. Mobile support ties into all of the software ecosystem changes necessary for making banking services more accessible and improving the experience.

4) Comprehensive service management

Comprehensive service management is just a fancier way of saying that banking software needs to be reliable. For a proper ecosystem to function, each individual layer or shell has to be self-reliant and work in tandem. In this context, mobile support needs to be reliable in terms of updates and managing client awareness, or cash optimization software and services need to be scalable (machine learning as an example). The ability for services to be managed well must be present in any business ecosystem to ensure that everything can operate at maximum efficiency. Like a well-oiled machine, your bank needs to be firing on all cylinders, which is why each sum of the whole for an ecosystem has to be consistently maintained with service management software.

5) Client support

Service management and mobile support, as well as security functionality, are all prime examples of how important it is to provide client support as a branch of the banking ecosystem. Software for handling client support like chat lines, online chat tools, and digital communication as a whole isn’t a luxury anymore, so there’s an expectation that banks provide these functions. To create this cohesive banking ecosystem, you need to be able to provide this client support. Creating effective client support can be as easy as using CRM (customer relationship management) software. Many of these services and software are moving toward cloud-based offerings, which are effective ways to keep other software from interfering with other features of your banking system.

6) Increase analytic capabilities.

Lastly, analytics are becoming a primary way to engage with raw data and get insight into the services that are and aren’t working, and make use of this data to implement change. There’s plenty of potential in things like machine learning and AI functions to create automated data analytics to allow for advanced client understanding regarding cash optimization. Client retention is a goal that’s necessary for a good bank, and using software ecosystem improvements to achieve it can be done with the use of analytics. Targeted information, forecasting, fraud assessment, and risk management are among the ways that advanced analytics help push banking forward.

When people imagine business ecosystems, they picture an office setting, but a business ecosystem is about the software and services that make everything work. This could be something as small as localized computer software like a word processor, and as big as cloud computing for analytic data. When it comes to banking, the idea of the ecosystem and its software components is just as vital to the overall success of any branch. Using these software improvements can help make your bank’s ecosystem as good as it gets.


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