Strong iPhone 12 sales could boost Apple’s Q3 2021 earnings


Apple, Inc. will be one of the few tech bigwigs to enjoy a substantial earnings and revenue growth since the pandemic engulfed the world last spring. Ahead of Apple’s Q3 2021 earnings today, investors are expecting mildly pleasant news. The company’s stock recently soared to new all-time highs, amid investor anticipation of its June earnings, due after closing bell on Tuesday. Analysts are hopeful that the launch of the next-generation of iPhones to be unveiled in September might bring some tremendously-positive revenue.

The iPhone 12 will once again prove to be a rainmaker for Apple in Q3 2021 as demand for smartphones skyrockets with the integration 5G technology. It’s not just iPhone sales that’ll make investors giddy during Apple’s earnings call – pandemic-driven iPad and Mac sales are bound to give the Cupertino company a dramatic revenue growth.

Apple iPhone Sales Q3 2021

Tim Cook and Deirdre O’Brien welcome the first visitors to the reimagined Apple Fifth Avenue.

While the tech giant’s App Store sales are on a decline, its hardware sales are expected to prove robust for Q3 2021. The general Wall Street consensus is that Apple Q3 revenue will be north of $72.93 billion, up from $59.69 billion in the same quarter last year. Apple’s EPS could both reflect a dramatic revenue growth in the last quarter as well as shares repurchase in June 2021. The low estimate of Apple revenue is $65 billion, while the highest could easily be $77 billion.

Apple Q3 2021 Earnings: What to expect

The general consensus is that Apple will make substantial revenue despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The Cupertino company’s earnings will be announced today, and Industry Leaders Magazine will bring you the latest coverage. Meanwhile…

Here’s what Wall Street is expecting from Apple Q3 2021 earnings, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Apple Q3 2021 Revenue: The Palo Alto, California, company is expected to make $73.8 billion in revenue versus $59.7 billion in Q3 2020.

Apple Q3 2021 Earnings per Share: Apple is expected to post earnings per share of $1.01 versus $2.58 in Q3 2020.

iPhone Q3 2021 Revenue: Apple iPhone is expected to make $34.5 billion in revenue versus $26.4 billion in Q3 2020.

Apple Q3 2021 Services Revenue: Apple services is expected to take $16.3 billion versus $13.2 billion in Q3 2020.

Apple’s revenue has maintained a healthy growth over past several years. Analysts expect robust growth in Apple’s Q3 2021 financial performance, as well as a strong growth in both earnings per share (EPS) and revenue.

Apple’s stock nosedived following its Q1 2021 earnings report despite beating analysts’ expectations. EPS rose 34.6% compared to Q1 2020, its fastest growth since Q4 2018. Apple’s revenue grew 21.4% to achieve a new quarterly record. It also marked Apple’s fastest rise in 14 quarters. The tech giant noted that international sales accounted for 64% of the company’s total revenue in the quarter.

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