The New Apple iPhone Concept Looks Waterproof


A new Apple iPhone concept has tech enthusiasts rubbing their hands in glee. As per the latest Apple patents, it looks like the new model will have the one feature all phone users want – water resistance. A waterproof iPhone will be a dream come true for many, as water intake really messes up an iPhone’s screen and capacitive input. Not to mention, having to get repairs that can burn a hole in your pocket.

 waterproof coating for iPhone

The Apple patent talks of a device’s function when exposed to moisture.

Apple Patent

iPhone users have often grieved the loss of full functionality of their phone when it (or the device) has been affected by moisture. But this could soon be a thing of the past if the Apple iPhone concept takes off. The iPad and iPhone maker recently filed a patent that will help modify the functionality of a device in case of exposure to moisture. The Apple patent was filed on March 2, 2021.

The latest Apple patent suggests a waterproof coating for iPhone that will function like a protective cover. Although the patent gives you a sense of what linguistic gymnastics really mean, it appears to suggest that the latest iPhone model will be functional even after it gets wet. The patent uses the word “moisture event” that can mean anything from a slight wetness to having the device completely immersed in liquid. The new technology, which will most likely be the Apple iPhone concept, will use pressure and moisture sensors to figure out false touches and eliminate unnecessary triggers. It will then modify the screen layout accordingly, moving controls to better suit the situation.

The waterproof iPhone patent abstract states that “The electronic device can include a moisture detector capable of detecting any amount of moisture present at the protective cover, where when the amount of moisture is greater than a threshold amount, the processor determines a position of the touch event based on detection signals provided by the capacitance detector and the applied force detector.”

Apple patents

As news of the patent released, Apple fans are hopeful they will soon have a waterproof iPhone in their hands.

Apple iPhone Concept

It states that when the phone is exposed to moisture, it will also change from its usual capacitive touch-sensitive mode to using pressure-sensors to gauge the force and position of on-screen button presses. It could be similar to Apple’s Force Touch feature and 3D Touch technologies last seen in the iPhone XS range. Other than improving the touch sensitivity, the patent also mentions modifications to certain UI elements to make it easier for users to use a device underwater. The pressure can also double up as an environmental sensor and help check if the surrounding is covered in or submerged underwater. This will also enable the phone to figure out whether the touch input is coming from the liquid covering the screen or the phone user.

 The Apple patents document states that the smartphone camera app will be optimized for use in dry, wet, and underwater modes that present different interfaces for each mode. In wet mode, certain camera features will be removed from the interface while in underwater mode, they will be replaced by a set of large buttons for easy navigation. It will be suitable for simple photo and video capture. The smartphone’s on-screen display will also adapt to underwater settings to show the camera’s current depth so that you can stay within the device’s water resistance limits.

As with most patents, there is no guarantee as to when these features will be implemented or which iPhone will debut them. These are technical ideas that may or may not be realized in the near future. But for now, it is comforting to know that Apple is continuously innovating and working on an iPhone underwater mode that could make life easier for all of us.

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