The Road to Marketing Post COVID-19 is Soon Upon Us – Are You Ready?


COVID-19 has disrupted the economy and affected businesses big and small on a global scale.  In the U.S. alone, a study found that more than 100,000 small businesses have shuttered since the onset of the shelter in place orders and most certainly this number is expected to expand enormously.  Beyond these staggering figures, however, could be a silver lining.  Buckle in, prepare to engage digital marketing agencies in Detroit, and read on, as the road map to life post COVID is nearly upon us.

The Post-COVID Road Awaits – Are you Ready?

Healthcare companies from AstraZeneca-Oxford to Pfizer are paving a path to the post pandemic landscape. While businesses within the United States are seeing a road to reopening, they may find that strategies of yesterday are no longer an effective bridge to consumer spending.

When companies reopen, and consumers feel safe to again step out and engage with their favorite brands, some shifts in consumer shopping are expected to remain.

After eight to twelve months of restrictions, there will indeed be ample opportunities for retailers, however, understanding how to resonate with consumers, and engaging them in contextual and meaningful ways, is critical.

The old notion that the wisest person knows they are not the wisest most certainly comes in to play here. Trusting experts who are pouring over the emotional, contextual, and analytic mico-trends, nuanced shifts and seismic modifications to consumer spending habits could be the differentiator in your company’s success.  To this end, many retailers are seeking refuge with marketing agencies who not only have thrived in this environment but are also poised to steward companies through these unprecedented times.

How to Leverage Knowledge to Fortify Your Companies Growth and Success

Use Agency Reports – Hiring a reputable marketing agency is indeed a prudent option as you explore your post COVID-19 marketing initiatives.  DBA has published a report, entitled The Coronavirus Time Warp, citing the Aftershock of COVID-19 and how this pandemic can actually be a boon for industries, ranging from telehealth to retail service automation, virtual commerce and more.

Watch Webinars:  Learning from experts, digesting case studies and tutorials for marketing, branding, and lead generation, can sharpen your skills. Even if you do not plan to market yourself, and rather, desire to entrust marketing agency professionals, it is always a good idea to understand the language they speak.  From SEO and PPC to CRO, CTA, CPV and more, there are no shortage of marketing acronyms and the depth of value they can bring, if you understand the lingo, you can have meaningful conversations and discourse with marketing professionals.

Read Books:  What is wonderful about harnessing the knowledge contained within marketing books is that you can learn from thought leaders, industry professionals and the options are endless.  However, beyond this, books can help us learn from history, which tends to repeat itself. Therefore, learning from the past can indeed prepare us for the future. And the future of post COVID-19 will soon be upon us, hence leveraging these learnings can keep us nimble and better able to adapt to shifting trends.

Next Steps: Marketing Lends to Growth, hence, Fortify Your Infrastructure

Part of preparing for post COVID-19 marketing is not envisioning the worst, but rather, preparing to scale. Although the majority of businesses have been faced with strong headwinds in 2020 and contraction was often the order of the day, our new horizon looks very different. If you work with a viable, creative agency, your marketing efforts will yield growth, success and often a new direct line to your core demographics. This growth could prove a stumbling block unless you are prepared to increase your volume without hurdles.

What should you do? Consider the following:

Inventory Management:  Ensure that you have funds available, or a line of credit secured, to increase inventory.  If you are impacted financially, and are therefore unable to afford inventory reserves, ensure you have a plan of action to manage out of stock items. Everything from drip emails to stay connected to customers, informing them of back in stock dates, to wish list functionality and pixels to better serve the interested consumers again via remarketing, are suggested and effective, viable means of retaining their interest to obtain the sale when your items are again available.

Monitor Human Resources: Beyond physical goods, or if your company is service based, it is important that you fortify your team when your business grows.  Consider each facet of your business, from phone sales and customer service, to order shipping and fulfilment teams, and by all means, ensure your marketing agency is also able to fold in more resources as you increase spend in tandem with your increased revenues.  Know tipping points of when you will need to add bandwidth to your team and begin your requiting and hiring process early. Hiring good talent takes time and this time is well spent.

The post COVID-19 marketing landscape looks bright and with preparation you will be able to not only embrace this welcomed influx of revenues you can thrive.


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